EXERCISE Image Inspiration #6: Countryside Home

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  1. Hello! It's back again; your challenge is to design a world based on the specific image below. It can be as small as a single room, or as big as a whole planet. It can closely resemble the image, or be really different, it's up to you! The only criteria is that its basis come from the image below, so here we go!

  2. Hmm. Well you @Minibit will understand this more than most reading this, as you've discussed my world with me.

    Vale. One of the last Dragon sanctuaries left on Earth. It is one of the few remaining rural areas in an ultra-urban world. Vale exists in a region of Hawaii. A low populated state that was mostly used for vacations nowadays. But the constant Volcano threat, the fear of lava pouring down, was not a fear among the Dragons, as their scales were practically designed to survive the heat of lava and magma. Vale is hidden in a dense jungle, surrounded on all sides by thick, venomous plants. Their venom is nothing to the Dragons, but it would give them a small flu. But the plants, their spores, and their barbs were all very fatal to humans, which made them safe. The only way out of the sanctuary without moving through the plants, would be a small hole in a volcanic mountain, facing the village. Because of the heat, only Dragons can fly close enough to the magma pits to enter. Even smaller Dragons could manage the heat if they knew how to fly properly. Because of the heat from the volcano, Vale is very warm, even during the winter seasons. It is one of the few places on Earth where more than a couple of Dragons can be found in one place. If one actually found the village, though, they wouldn't be able to tell the tale. Vale is protected by at least a dozen Vanguard Dragons at one time, all of which have been trained to destroy anything or anyone who tresspasses on their land, human or fellow Myth. It's a less than savory job, but it's required if the Vale Dragons wish to live peacefully.
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  3. And mini, this post was just added to my group. Even if challenges like this are the way you prefer to do it. Please, by all means, help me further my world ^^