Image Inspiration #2: Sand City

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  1. Create a world setting based on the image below!
    Place Name: (what is this place called?
    type: (is it a village? wilderness? trade route? something else?)
    Population: (do people live here? What kind of people?)
    Flora & Fauna: (Describe the animals and plants which grow/live in this place)
    Other: (anything else you'd like to mention?)
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  2. The Moraine Desert, located in the Western reaches of Terminus Pulchra. Small oasis developed from ancient workings were restored across this land of sandstorms and roaming dunes. These metallic oasis' serve as sites to would be travelers or prospectors moving through the land toward the Western coast of Western Moraine.

    Some of these oasis serve as trade posts during the calm season, annually creating a firm connection between small established cities and provinces set on both sides of the desert. Trade consists of raw and precious materials mined from the earth below such as gems or earthbound fuels. However in over the past decade with major developments and the reopening of mines around Neiklot and Taurus after breakthroughs and the discovery of precious minerals under the Sunderlands. In spite of this, no oasis has been recorded to have mechanical failures despite the harsh environment they are scattered in. It is believed however that an ancient magic is what restores these old machines and allow their continued functionality.

    The only permanent residence of the various oasis' are criminals who made a vow to go to the desert and repent for their ways until their deaths. A small religious commune of these peoples migrate between oasis' and are surprisingly docile for ex-murderers, traitors or whatever crime they committed. They are something of a legend out in the Moraine, only seen trading good deeds for food and having their fill of water from the oasis' plentiful water supplies. It is believed the original founders of their group instilled a strict doctrine upon these individuals of how little they need to fulfill their vows and have a good death.

    Little plant life resides in the Moraine, save for a massive fungal system which grows beneath the sand. Root-like and edible, it is a carefully harvest commodity which has become something of a delicacy back in Eastern Moraine. Though a considerable amount of reptilian life sprawls across the desert preying on itself and one mammal type of unusually small gophers which are typically found in large numbers around oasis'.

    Over the last year however trade has dropped considerably and rumors of plague from the West has put the closest neighboring region Taurus in a thicket of rumor. Trade caravans have been turned away at gunpoint for fear of any rumor being true.
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  3. This is actually the remnants of Las Vegas. After the government put a permanent ban on all gambling and strip joint, the getaway destination known as Sin City was essentially shut down. There were still criminals and rebels that roamed the streets, but most businesses and residents moved elsewhere. The once thriving metropolis was slowly being overtaken by the desert and the wildlife that lived in it. This is a city that would never recover.
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  4. Name: Hotar

    Type: Village

    Population: A group of survivors after a apocalyptic sandstorm.

    Flora and Fauna: Cacti, Coyotes, Vultures, Prairie Dogs, Reptiles, Wolves

    Other: After the founding of Hotar, a trade route was established so the people could have a somewhat decent economy. Some of the most useful occupations are Hunter, Artisan, Butcher, Salvager, Schoolteacher, and Miner. Even though the air is still contaminated with sand, officials say that it is starting to clear up.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Type: City State Colony on the planet on Dirac in the Direwolf System.
    Population: ~ 73,000
    Flora/Fauna: The deserts plains around the colony render life outside its walls almost impossible, the tempuratures reach heights of 200° during the long day only to fall well below freezing once the sun goes down. The fortress is built atop a massive underground reservoir, within its walls are a mixture of wanderer species from Humans to Lynxial the strange furred people of the Direwolf System. In the springs deep below the city the carverns are lit by all manner of poisonous glowing plants, with insects who's bite can kill a man faster than his rail gun can end his own suffering.
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  6. Place Name: De'Void
    type: Waste Land
    Population: Yes, around two thousand, mostly children.
    Flora & Fauna: No Flora; Insects and arachnids.

    De'Void, or often affectionately called the Void is just that. A vast waste land devoid of resources and happiness but filled to the brim with human life. Well...Is life really an accurate description of the damned creatures that reside in this place? Maybe meat sacks is a better term? After all, they don't act like humans anymore. Living in such a land where anything valuable is fought over to the death, these people have lost any humanity they tried to grasp on to.

    Long ago, this land use to be rich with plants and farm animals. The people used to smile and laugh and even throw a few feasts parties. But after the land was invaded and ravaged by passing Kings and Generals, the once bountiful De'Havana became De'Void. The grass shriveled up and blew away on the formerly gentle winds that with nothing to grab onto began to scour the lands and tear the flesh from it's people. The only way the people survive is because of the insects and arachnids that still brave the harsh terrain.

    The population consists of mostly children, but not because they're stronger than the adults. It's because they're smarter and lucky. Smart because they retain a child's view and often band together to protect each other despite their differences. Lucky, because they're small bodies are easy to fit into tight spaces to avoid the skin tearing wind of the Void.
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  7. Place Name: Mortuum
    Type: This barren space is mainly just a wasteland of the once thriving kingdoms that border the area of it, but some daring individuals also use it as a trading and communication route.
    Population: No one ever permanently stays in Mortuum because of its deadly wind-speed and swirling sandstorms that hit you like bullets, but people who try to reach their family or trade on the other side come through here from time to time (and never return).
    Flora & Fauna: No plants or animals can survive here. It rains less than 1 inch every year and the sand is looser than a fresh 12-foot pile of leaves. Some insects can make their way through in Mortuum, which is mostly only 6-inch long roaches and mosquitoes carrying malaria.
    Other: The two kingdoms that border Mortuum used to get along perfectly well until a civil war that happened 200 years ago from today. To keep it short and simple, both kingdoms lost the war and 2000 yards of space in between them was completely destroyed because of it. Now, 200 years later, all that damage is buried 1000 feet below the sand and the kingdoms refuse to talk to each other. Both of the kingdoms now have large factories and artificial intelligence.
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  8. Place Name:

    Merchant Desert Oasis

    The population is around 1,000 people when it's the sandstorm season, but during the months when the trade routes are open to various other merchants, the population can expand and decrease in size ten fold.

    Flora & Fauna:
    Around the mighty oasis of Has'phairrd is nothing but miles and miles of desolate barren sand. Inside the inner limits of the city, everything is lush and green from the magical spring that gives the people their long lasting source of life. There are various plants that bare many exotic and unique fruits and nuts, they come in all shapes and sizes and colors. The fauna inside the city is widely diverse; there are plenty of brightly colored birds and the oasis is the home of a tribe of sentient Fennec Foxes. Outside of the city limits, however, is a much different story. Only the toughest, and hardiest of fauna can survive in this unforgiving desert. They are primarily carnivores and mainly come out at night when the desert isn't scorching hot. No one has looked upon these creatures and lived to tell about it, the only reason the city doesn't get bombarded by them is the magic that surrounds the oasis.

    This oasis is a very big merchant city, lots of traders and adventurers come to seek this isolated place out, and if you manage to find it, you will definitely reap the reward.
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