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  1. Create a setting inspired by the image below; it can be as small as a town, field, forest, or other specific location, or as big as a whole country or planet! I'll put a basic template below, but please feel free to add fields based on what you decide to build


    Place Name: (what is this place called?
    type: (is it a village? wilderness? trade route? something else?)
    Population: (do people live here? What kind of people?)
    Flora & Fauna: (Describe the animals and plants which grow/live in this place)
  2. [​IMG]

    Place Name: Tyche (Tike-ee)
    type: A planet that has a similar structure to earth, except undeveloped and has little atmosphere. Comets and auras are very common, the planet mostly consists of forests- with Taigas on the south and north pole of the planet. One year for this planet is 78 Earth Days, and one day on the planet is 10 hours. However, as far as living on the planet goes- it is similar to the Burmuted Triangle. After about a week on the planet, 70 hours to be exact, the residents who try and settle disappear without a trace - where they stood the last they were scene having a small spot of concrete on it, any kind of settlement just turning into trees. This planet obviously wants to keep itself beautiful for a long time...
    Population: None that last too long...
    Flora & Fauna: Trees, grass, and mountains. No sentient life anywhere, but the trees produce oxygen...Which makes the lack of a proper atmosphere very eerie.



    Scientific Name: Specimen-1923

    Specimen Class: Equitable Hostile

    Upon further investigation of the planet, satellites are not possible to orbit the planet more than a week, disappearing in the same manner to humans, except instead of concrete, a perfect block of rock begins to orbit around the planet, presumably believed to be the remains of the satellite and any crew that attended it, size varying from how many, if any, personnel were attending the aforementioned satellite. Instead, we had a camera set on the planet of a test subject near his camp site a day after he arrived at the planet. As each day passed, the subject expressed intense paranoia, although this is believed to be a natural response, not caused by Specimen-1923 itself. As the subject's experience progressed, short glimpses of a tall, navy blue figure could be seen in the background of the camera feed. Appropriately, it was temporarily dubbed 'Specimen-1923-A'. It is the shape of a humanoid, with horribly disfigured limbs. It seems to walk on stubs as opposed to feet, and it has a distinct lack of arms as well. It's face at this time, is much too blurry to make out. No eyes, nor nose or mouth, are visible. When it started to show up more often, an invisible atmosphere started to form and thicken, becoming so strong as to make it virtually impossible to get the subject off the planet with any equipment known to man, as it would just burn up. Specimen-1923-A would stalk the test subject within close proximity, growling and appearing to snarl, it's manner and movements similar to that of a wolf protecting it's territory. This was on the test subject's 6th and final day on the planet. On day 7, the camera feed was cut off for 5 seconds before revealing a terrifying site to behold. The test subject, mutilated on the ground in the center of the camera, as if Specimen-1923 or Specimen-1923-A knew the camera was there the whole time. A strange transmission went through a computer on site **** at the same time, decoding it to reveal a deep voice saying 'This is a warning'. Testing has been ceased indefinitely, or until more investigation is imperative of Specimen-1923 or Specimen-1923-A.

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  3. Place Name: Caelis [kie-liss] / "The Bridge"
    Type: It is a plane of existence free of time-space constraints bridging the gap between multiple worlds.
    Population: Anything mortal that tries to remain indefinitely in Caelis slowly grows delirious, and their physical form starts to wane until they're nothing but an essence; a ghost. Therefore, the living population at any given time rarely exceeds a few hundred as creatures make haste to cross between realms...however, in terms of spirits, Caelis is richly diverse.
    Flora & Fauna: Everything in Caelis appears ethereal, shrouded in eldritch glowing. None of it is physically there-- it's simply the energy imprints of what once existed, all depending on the "heart" that gives Caelis its life to continue "existing". Spectral trees, plants and fungus abound. Animals are less common, but from time to time still seen. They're semi-transparent and have no eyes.​
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  4. NAME: dragon or drake
    TYPE: a forest with no day or time its a never ending landscape.
    as to what it is the research team 362 has no clue.
    THE Population: there is a never ending amount of life forms.
    Flora & Fauna:
    the landscape is alive with life and movement some of my favorite are...
    THE DOGS - they are friendly wolf/dog like organisms with a glowing presence.
    THE TREES - the trees have a heavily scented aroma with colorful leaves and flowers.
    THE BIRDS - if you look up high you will be met with the sight of flocks of birds they are dark in color in contrast to the trees but they are not dull.
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  5. [​IMG]Pl
    Orion Epsilon VII (Alias: Orion's Eden, OEVII, S*713-1/3-1-7)
    Type: Lunar body.
    Population: 0
    Flora/Fauna: The surface of Orion's Eden was once densely packed with massive trees, similar to the mighty evergreen of our once home Earth. It's proximity to the larger more hospitable planets of the Orion system made it a target for early human settlemen on the other side of the void. That same proximity also robbed it of its atmosphere, it's forests however, care not. They need not sunlight nor rain nor carbon dioxide only the nutrients and presumably water that rests at their roots. In the heart of the forests, beanth the dense canopy of trees the height of mountains on Mother, there are pockets of Oxygen so rich it proves less breathable than the sparse vapors available in the open.
    Background: From it's surface one can see Minerva, the mother planet of the Orion Trio, as well as Epsilon Prime Minerva's larger lunar satellite. Epsilon Prime's mass, equalling almost two thirds that of the planet, causes the two to rotate around each other with OEVII caught in their anomalous gravitational feild, revolving around them seven times in the span of a single day on either larger body. When we first made it through Eden's Eye, and discovered the Orion System we stayed on Minerva and established the first human colony in deep space. We learned much there in the two hundred years the alpha colony ushered in countless human expiditions, studying the gravitational waves, as well as the root system and internal structure of the space trees of Eden. This knowledge was lost to us for centuries after the Eye of Eden closed cutting of any route back to Earth, the electromagnetic fluxuations around that catastrophic event altered spacetime in a most fascinating way. No expidition can spend long there, the strange distortions to the quantum underpinnings of the universe effect any matter in strange ways, no definitive evidence has been found of what befell the early exploritory missions but any crew that spends more than an hour on the sruface loses communicating and is never heard from again.The time we have logged since is most curious indeed, the three bodies sit in space, unmoving, on the surface of Minerva our men of walked across the heart of its deepest oceans and sat atop fifty foot waves as if they were stone. On Orion Epsilon VII the two celestial beings nest in the sky forever, metorites still burning in what little atmsophere it has and the stars you can see beyond remain as they were nearly five hundred years ago.
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