Image Challenge: A Jumble of Photos #7

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  1. Here is a collection of photos found across the internet that I put together. You can interpret them as whatever you want, whether it be literally or metaphorically. What you do as a writer is one of these three things:

    1. Create a character, taking inspiration from these photos.

    2. Come up with a setting, plot, or just a detailed post with references to these photos.

    3. Write a poem with these pictures in mind.

    Remember you don't have to use all of the photos in your final creation, but props to you if you manage to do so.

    Click on the spoiler tags to stir up your muse.






  2. Mkay... im going for something funny....

    It was now time for the annual Coffin Races!
    This year the event was held in the Goblins Underground Coven
    An absolutely lovely place this time of the year.
    The event kicked off with the opening show of Ozzie Osbourne!
    He then proceeded after the show to bite off the head of a bat.
    A bat that he assumed was real, but was actually Fake!
    The concert ended in a smashing hit, and the monsters lined up in their coffins ready to race.
    As expected, Dracula would be the winner 40 years in a row,
    But as we all know, tricks and deceit was always welcome in the races.
    It seems that someone had placed left over candles from the concert in Dracula's coffin.
    No one grieved or even seemed to give a damn.
    Now that the top racer had been eliminated, monster were going up for first place like.... monsters?
    It was a race to end all races....
    Frankenstein was charged up and raring...
    The Wolf man was just itching to win....
    But who really came out on top was the Skeleton Man.
    The Skeleton Man had won in his souped up skull plated coffin
    He nearly won by a toe.... bone.
    And that had concluded the Annual Coffin Races.
    Along with just a bit more bat biting at the end.
  3. Character Name: Muscade de Provence
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Candle Baron
    Age: 17 1/2
    General Appearance: (see bat pic, last spoiler)

    Current Goal/Purpose: My current job is to keep the candles lit during all the ceremonies here at the Dead Meadows Funeral Parlor.

    General Personality: I’m rather shy when I around the living. They tend to be very noisy for no reason at all. Around the dead however I find myself rather causal and able to relax and have fun.

    General History: I come from a long line of barons. My father was the first Baron of the family only we get to choose what we are Barons of. I was given my post after a dear friend of mine passed away. He was a dear, dear friend and after taking up with his wife which he did ask me to do as well. It is on my honor that he did this since she was with child. It was honorable that someone he trusts, well I took his place. A wonderful little thing she is. We are very happy. I love my duties here and wish to stay here forever. The graves are nice, the nights are perfectly creepy and even the shadows loom large enough for a party of ten or better.

    Yes being a candle Baron here is wonderful. When I have a chance I get to sneak a nap in a new coffin. It’s not all the often but I try. The posters on the walls of the skeletons are a welcoming sight and even though the general public can’t see the ones I’ve seen in the backroom, they are still the finest works in town. I enjoy the graves both open and closed. They are so much fun to fly over. It’s just something I could do over and over.

    Lastly and most importantly I must say this. Dead Meadows Funeral Parlor has the best half dead garden in the whole county and it is from their dying pumpkin patch that I have been given my name. My mother told me that my name was after a great pumpkin. Our family immigrated to this land and with it came my name. I’m proud of it and of all things French, dead and spooky for I am a bat long live the night.
  4. Name: ​Jackie Hall

    Age: 25

    News reporter and mother of two

    Brief history: Jackie was raised and still lives in a town that is practically a bump on the road; Melburn. The quite conservative town has always seemed to be the best place to raise her children, and being the only female news reporter has given her a big title among the town. 5 years ago, before her twins Damion and Westly were born, her husband was missing. Several months later, after realizing he was probably dead, the twins were born into her life. She views them as the only thing she has left.

    ​Jackie and her news crew find a suspicious skull in a field behind the town hall. Jackie, worried and paranoid it is the skull of her husband that died 5 years ago investigates... The only problem is, the skull had in scripts carved in the back. Written in a piction-ary language. She finds out from a professor it is the same language written on the walls of an under-ground cave beneath the town of Melburn. Jackie tries to contact the police, her close friends, and even local neighbors about the cave. Which all view her as delusional- and that there is no cave beneath the town. Only a handful- the old people of Mellburn, seem to know about the cave.

    Jackie eventually finds the cave, venturing further and further in she finds an empty casket. Black, broken, and covered in dirt it layed beneath a glass roof instalment above. The cave seemed to of once been a temple- for someone, or, something...
  5. 3.

    Catacombes de Paris

    Had buried them here
    Well under the Ground,
    Nothing but bats' calls
    Could reveal those Corpses.

    Those amorous notes
    Singed away by Candles,
    Dimmer than the Sepulcher
    From which they were kept.

    Not enough in this Heart
    To bury them individual,
    So piled the rotting Flowers
    Beneath the Mind's Surface.

    Polluting the Well within,
    All these I cut short!

    For what illness?

    Yet, Another to the Catacomb.
  6. History enthusiast Layla Monchet is beyond ecstatic when her parents surprise her with a trip to Paris. Of course, the very first thing she wished to see is not the Eiffel Tower, nor Le Louvre; it's the catacombs. She arranges to visit the old halls of death as soon as she possibly can, and upon arriving to said catacombs Layla could not be happier. However what she finds withing the dark underground of Paris is much more than still remains. Something stirs deep within those dark halls, an evil too dark to be anything but men themselves. Upon the loss of the first tourist Layla knows that something is wrong - as more continue to go missing and the first man who'd disappeared turning up horribly murdered Layla knows she should leave, flee the catacombs with her life. However, something makes her stay. The compulsion of her curiosity is stronger than her sense and Layla stays, now searching for the mysterious criminal band who wanders the halls of the catacombs. Now she must try to unwind the secrets of the group and get to the root of who they are. That is, if she can stay alive long enough to do so.
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