Image Challenge: A Jumble of Photos #6

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  1. Here is a collection of photos found across the internet that I put together. You can interpret them as whatever you want, whether it be literally or metaphorically. What you do as a writer is one of these three things:

    1. Create a character, taking inspiration from these photos.

    2. Come up with a setting, plot, or just a detailed post with references to these photos.

    3. Write a poem with these pictures in mind.

    Remember you don't have to use all of the photos in your final creation, but props to you if you manage to do so.

    Click on the spoiler tags to stir up your muse.





  2. As I sit in the snow filled wonderland,
    dead tree's surrounding me everywhere I stand,
    I think of all the possibilies,
    of things that could, or should not be.

    It is not my intention to slave on in memory,
    nor to wallow in my own misery,
    but to stare into deaths face,
    and to diminish my haste,
    to live on in this horrifying world,

    But death stands still,
    his scythe lying just below his heel,
    tantalizing me and my desire,
    to end this fire,
    that burns in my heart,
    to depart,
    from this world,

    I grab death,
    embracing my last breath,
    as the cold of the night,
    fills me with fright,
    and the joy takes me away,
    to a far off place,
    and finally I rest in peace.

    This is my interpretation poem of the last picture of death.
    This is my first time writing a poem for fun and I don't know if it's that good. I would love feedback and hope everyone enjoyed it.

    A witch... toiling with her caldron one night....
    "Black Blood of a Murderer
    Slashing Claws of a Fierce Beast
    A Single Straw from a Witches Magic Broom...."

    She boiled the items together, the mist from the caldron glowed green and rose out the pot and covering the floor
    It began Mist had turned into Poisoning black smoke.
    "Something had went Terribly Wrong!"

    She fell to the floor, coughing and sputtering for air
    She grabbed and clawed at her neck
    The smoke filled her lungs, changing her inside and out.
    She grew into a monster, cursed from her own creation


    She was meant to DIE that day...
    but somehow she lived...

    The Reaper arrived not too long from her place of death
    And meet with this horrid witch
    (long story short)
    Every Full moon a Battle takes place with this creature and its killer
    The reaper tries to take its life but too no avail, the battle continues on the moonlit nights...
  4. It was dark outside, if it hadn't been for the full moon I would probably not have been able to see anything. It didn't light up that much but I could at least see the trail. The woods on my left and right side was pitch black, I could hear something moving among the trees, but it was impossible to see it since the moon light couldn't get threw the leafages.

    Some kind of scratching noise seemed to come closer to me. I held my shopping bag close and walked faster than before. Would it be the end of me? Would I be attacked by an animal or a human on my way home from the store?

    I tried to take away all those horrible thoughts, of course I wouldn't be attacked. Nothing had ever happened in that small town. It was probably just a squirrel that ran around among the trees. I tried to calm myself down but my heart just started to beat faster as the sounds became louder.

    Then it sounded like something came out of a bush. I stopped in the middle of a step and slowly turned around. Even today I am not certain of what I saw that day, it was something dark and big with horribly long claws. At first it stood on all four but then it rose like a bear and stood on its backbones. A horrible sound came from its mouth, it didn't sound like anything I had ever heard before.

    I weren't even able to turn around before the dark creature hit me with one of its big paws, luckily the claws didn't hit me and the worst damage came from the tree I got thrown into. I scratched myself when I flew into the tree so my right arm started to bleed. The monster seemed to prepare for another attack so I decided to attack first.

    Just some minutes earlier I had bought a new broom, I took it up from the shopping bag and launched at the dark creatures abdomen. I hit it. The creature made a horrible roar and backed a bit, I took the chance to run away.

    I never saw it again after that. I really thought that I would have a meeting with death that day. Luckily that could wait until another time. I know that no one would probably believe this story of mine since the creature never has been spotted by anyone else. But I know what I saw that day, and I know that its still out there somewhere.
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