EXERCISE Image Challenge: A Jumble of Photos #15

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  1. Here is a collection of photos found across the internet that I put together. You can interpret them as whatever you want, whether it be literally or metaphorically. What you do as a writer is one of these three things:

    1. Create a character, taking inspiration from these photos.

    2. Come up with a setting, plot, or just a detailed post with references to these photos.

    3. Write a poem with these pictures in mind.

    Remember you don't have to use all of the photos in your final creation, but props to you if you manage to do so.

    Click on the spoiler tags to stir up your muse.




  2. I was sitting at Norman Way and 15th St. S.W. When I happen to look down and right near my chair there just so happen to be a ticket. The light was still red so I had just enough time to scoop it up and have a look. It read TICKET TO HEAVEN. I couldn’t help but smile is that was where I was going. It was a nice place after all. I’d been going there many times now. For you see that’s my job. It was a job I wasn’t really looking for and yet I ended up with it after all. It’s worked out for everyone I believe so that’s what’s most important or so they tell me. In my heart I know it’s true.

    Everyone does have to go somewhere at some point and time so why not go with me? I seem like a nice person and everyone seems to want to talk to me so why not let them come along for the ride. A few moments of their times or a few hours’ drive it really makes no difference. It really makes no difference at all in the grand scheme of things. All that matters is that they arrive and I do my job. It can be a perfectly clear day as it is now or a horrible one like this past Thursday when it rained for nearly three hours non-stop and flooded the parkway.

    Yes getting someplace in hurry is exactly that. Getting someplace. But getting to where you want to go now that is something totally different. It is when you want to arrive that makes all the difference in the world. It is when you feel the need to be there and are willing to accept the departure as well as the arrival that you are able to begin the true journey. Yes that is why I am here. Nothing to glamorous nor flashy for those that know better. Nothing to custom or modified about me.

    Standard and sturdy am I just like my bus. Made to last and true to my name. I am Ballard the driver of bus #9. Travel with me to the heavens above and the places below. I do not judge but I will go. I am here for you and will go with you. I will not send you but will pick you up and drop you off. Away to the next stop I must go. Take your ticket or leave it behind it makes no difference to me it’s just another stop along the line.