Image Challenge: A Jumble of Photos #14

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  1. Here is a collection of photos found across the internet that I put together. You can interpret them as whatever you want, whether it be literally or metaphorically. What you do as a writer is one of these three things:

    1. Create a character, taking inspiration from these photos.

    2. Come up with a setting, plot, or just a detailed post with references to these photos.

    3. Write a poem with these pictures in mind.

    Remember you don't have to use all of the photos in your final creation, but props to you if you manage to do so.

    Click on the spoiler tags to stir up your muse.



  2. middle photo won't work on my computer
  3. Should be fixed, I changed out the picture.
  4. yeah it works now
  5. Engaged

    I felt his finger tips and the sand between my toes
    Something was in the air and something was in his hand
    A box

    Giggling blushing with a racing heart and leaping joy
    A dropped knee and tearful reply my lips formed
    A yes

    Gifted with love as Christmas morning kissed our lips
    It was done and forever found between two hearts
    A destiny
  6. It was our first christmas together, he decided to make it extra special. I told him I wanted to go dancing with him, but he only said he couldn't dance, everytimie I asked him. Finally he said Christmas eve would be the day he'd dance with me, so I savored every second I had with him until that moment when we would dance. It was only two days until christmas, and I was in the kitchen with my mother prepairing a meal. "I think he's the one," I said, swinging my legs beneith me like a little kid. I smiled brightly, but my mothers eyes were clowded with judgement, like usual. "You always rush into these kids of things hun," she told me, but I didn't want to hear it... I couldn't take it. "Mom, why can't you just be happy for me for once?" I asked, jumping down from the counter and onto the cool tile. "I'll see you tomorrow," I huffed, storming from the kitchen and grabbing my coat from the counter, slipping it on and leaving the house.

    The next day I was filled with doupt. I was going to see him for dinner tonight, but he said I couldn't see him until then, which made me wonder what he was doing the rest of the day. I didn't know if I could trust him yet, we've only been together since Valantines day, which is a long time once I think about it, but I still feel like he's a stranger, he's always gone on Wednesdays, and I wonder what he does. That night came, and I went to the resteraunt in a cab, like he told me to. I then asked for the table in his name and I looked around for him, I was only two minutes early, and I figured he would have been here by now. I looked around once more, and waited. Minutes went by, the weighter refilled my glass, and I vowed to not take another sip until I saw him. An hour went by, and I was loosing all hope. Then my phone vibrated, it was my mother calling.

    "Mom?" I picked up, fully confused, and totally disapointed. "Sweety, listen to me carefully..." her voice trailed off, that tone, the noise in the background, I knew where she was. "Where's Drake?" I asked, but I didn't want to know. I rushed out of the resteraunt and hailed a cab, telling them to get to the hospital quickly. Once I was there my mother explained the whole thing, but I didn't know how to react. He had been in a car crash, he said he couldn't feel his legs, and the doctor said he may never feel them again. Drake was in the office for hours, it was early christmas eve morning when I finally was allowed to go see him in his room.

    I slowly opened the door a crack and poked my head inside to see a tube running under his blanket, and a depressed look on his face. "D...Drake?" I asked, voice shaking, in those last few hours I didn't know if he would even make it, so I thought about my life without him, and I couldn't handle it. "Kelsey?" he answered, slowly turning his head to look at me. I forced a sorrowful smile and said, "I love you," for only the second time in our relationship. His eyes were surprised, but he smiled, "I love you too," twitching a finger as in I should come closer. I nodded and stepped forward, kneeling by his bed and placing my hand over his, rubbing it lightly with my thumb. He smirked a little and said, "Kelsey, I'm sorry about all of this," but I cut him off, "Don't worry, I'm only happy your safe, and alive," my fear escaped me and his eyes grew wide, his other hand covered mine and he removed his hand from under mine and placed it on my cheek, "Kelsey, I will never leave you," he vowed, eyes determined, and I knew I had to do this now or never.

    "First," he stopped me before I could speak, as if he knew the importance of what I had to say. "Last night, I was going to surprise you," he smiled a bit, eyes starting to water, "I've been taking dance lessons, and I was going to dance with you, as an early Christmas present," he carresed my cheek lovingly, "And then I was going to ask you if you'd make me the happiest man on the earth," he winked, and I knew what he meant. "You will have your day to dance with me, that was the sweetest thing anyones ever done for me," I smiled, then got on one knee insted of two and took out a ring, "Marry me," He smiled, and instantly he nodded yes, and we wedded the very next spring, Christmas was the best, he came home in a wheelchair, and over a couple months, he began to walk again. It was a Christmas mirrical.
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