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  1. Okay. I tried doing this before, basing an entire RP on an image, but it didn't last. The image will be a scene in the beginning of the roleplay. I'd like to make this one last, so I would like to plot this out with my chosen partner for a while before starting it. But, I'd like someone who posts at least once an hour, or at least five every three. AT LEAST. Nighttime hours are acceptable for no replies, but during the day I'd like the RP to get quite a bit of progress every day. I'm saying that rule to possibly weed out those who will post once then disappear for an extended amount of time. This is to be a very long RP, so going very slowly will just not do, and will cause me to lose interest. Also, I'm not saying it's necessary, but if you have Skype it could be helpful in the plotting process.

    Now, as for our characters. If you are submitting a CS for this RP, you are NOT to use any other image, the characters in the image are the characters being used. However, you may choose the name, age, and bio for your character. However, I'd prefer she be a witch. Also, this is a major Pet Peeve of mine, so please do not use the name or story of another one of your characters. Please, make a new character from scratch using the woman in the image as your character.

    Also, do not make an inappropriate character for this Rp, please. This will be in renaissance times and in Europe, so no Asians or Americans or Russians, just make a fitting character.


    And my Character is the angel in this image.

    The Unwanted Angel (open)

    Name: Agora "Matthew" BrokenWing
    Age: 1200
    eyes: Red
    Hair: Silver (Feathers are Black, Grey, Silver and White)
    Race: Fallen Angel
    Agora was thrown from Heaven to Earth after he stole a precious Angelic Artifact, and he had most of his abilities stripped from him, his beautiful, pure white wings torn from his back. He was left weak and alone in an Alleyway. However, he had one more curse, that could also be a blessing. Along with him, a book fell. It was large, and had a multitude of pages. It was a special book that could be used to control Agora. One would only need to call him, and then give him a new name while holding the book to claim him as their servant. But, this would also give him new abilities, powers, but he must serve his new master for as long as they wish.

    *It has been stated that those clothes are from the Victorian era not the Renaissance. Whereas I do believe they wore stuff like this in the renaissance era. This rp wouldn't work in the Victorian era either way, so I will not be changing it. ​
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  2. Still looking
  3. Still looking. Really feel like this could be an amazing roleplay.
  4. Seriously, still looking.
  5. Still looking. Really want to do this RP
  6. Still looking. Really want to do this RP
  7. Still looking. Really want to do this RP
  8. Still looking. Really want to do this RP
  9. Sounds interesting. I think the fact you want someone to post every hour is why no one had maybe took up and became your partner. I mean I post a few times a day when I have a story going, but not every hour.
  10. I cannot do only a few a day though. I'm home all the time and I need something to keep my mind active while I actively search for a job and/or other means of earning money.
  11. Still looking for a partner. Really, extremely want to do this rp.
  12. I agree that your posting requirements are probably the main reason you're not getting any replies. It sounds like it could be an interesting idea, but I, like most adults, work a full time job. There's no way I could keep up with your posting requirements. I wish you luck on your search, but if you're really serious about starting this RP, I suggest you remove such unrealistic posting requirements.
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  13. I refuse to
  14. That's up to you. Like I said, good luck on your search. It does sound like an idea I'd like to play, but I can't post at the speed you require.
  15. I'm interested and I'd like to try this
  16. PM me the CS for the female. Remember, no need for images because the image is provided right there.
  17. I really do like the idea I just do not like the Renaissance era. And also the posted speed is sadly something I cannot do. I work all the time and only have two days off a week and my job will not let me be on my phone during the day. Sadly being adult really does suck. But I really hope that you find someone that could help you out on this one I really wish I could do it... it sounds like such an amazing role play. But I do really hope we can role play sometime.
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