I'm weird. but uh Hi! ^_^

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  1. Hello, I'm Josh. I perform lead vocals for my band. I love to skateboard, watch anime, and write poetry.
    Not super new here but I've never made one of these. :x
    I'm incredibly weird and awkward and yeah. I'm obsessed with demonic culture and anything of demon lore. I'm also wiccan. =^_^=
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  2. Late welcome to the forums! Everyone's weird here, Josh. Don't worry about it :P
    I'm Jean - it's great to meet you!
  3. Nice to meet you as well! and yeah I guess, everyone being keeps things interesting. :p
  4. Well then, a belated welcome, Josh! :D
  5. Thank you Diana! I appreciate the welcome and am so happy to be apart of Iwaku! This is a wonderful site!
  6. Yay! Weird buddies
  7. Welcome to Iwaku, even though you're not super new! Enjoy your stay ^ ^
  8. Thank you all. :3