Im the very new person,that likes puns.

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  1. Yo,Im Ornstein,the new guy,a pun maker,a Souls series fanboy,and a dubstep lover....I guess....
    Anyways,I make OP characters,characters that are stupid,joke characters and such.
    Havent really roleplayed that much,only a few days of roleplaying experience,I also prefer combat roleplays with a plot.

    The corruption of the internet flows deep within my veins.
    I dont do smut matter how much i want to do it.

    I guess thats all fer now

    I also like bears,they're pretty bearable.
  2. That was an electrifying introduction~ *shot*

    Welcome to Iwaku, Ornstein :D! I hope you enjoy your stay.

    Here's an obligatory bonfire (I heard they're the hottest thing in Lordran since sliced bread)


    May your journey through Iwaku be a safe one~
  3. A warm welcome to the site, Ornstein! Glad to have you here! =D

    If you ever need a hand around, just give me a holler. ^^
  4. Why thank you for the bonfire,but unfortunately,only the Chosen Undead may light and use the bonfire.


    Ah,thank you Hospes,you made an undead feel loved right away.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.