"I'm Still Here!" (Strange Vampire Themed Plot)

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  1. I'll start by being honest. This is a very strange plot, very incredibly bizarre...or at least it is bizarre in comparison to other plots I've posted.

    This plot is also intended to be m/m, slash, yaoi, whatever you like to call a plot with both members of the romantic pairing being male (with a twist, of course; I said it was a strange plot). That being said, I'm not posting this under Mature requests (although such plots sometimes tend to be on the more mature side) because I'm more interested in the dynamics of the relationship than what goes on in the bedroom. I am willing to negotiate on that, but only if you are 18+ (considering that I am 18+).

    All right. With that done, I'll get on to the actual plot now.

    There was once an old vampire (you can decide his age because this will be your character but I'm thinking not less than two hundred years or so) who had been hunted by a family of Vampire Hunters for decades, if not centuries. While he was running from them, he met a quirky, young human woman. They fell in love and after many trials (like in all vampire/human love stories) he finally made her a vampire so that they could be together forever. After becoming a vampire, the woman continued to live her human life in an elaborate rouse that would ensure that her family would not go looking for her when it came time for the vampire couple to flee. During this time, the Vampire Hunters locate the woman and, after identifying her as a vampire, kill her. Her family, not aware that vampires exist let alone that she is one, bury her. Now this is a problem for her because, in this universe, vampire souls are only freed once the body is destroyed. The body does not decompose and can only be destroyed through cremation. Until the body is cremated, the soul wanders as a ghost. Luckily for the woman, a young man was attempting suicide at the same time she was killed and their spirits met, his confined the the world because he was not quite dead yet and hers because her body was intact. When it became clear that the young man's suicide would fail, the woman went to his body in his place because he could not bare to. When the vampire learned of his love's death, he cremated her body as soon as he could, freeing the young man, and then fled. The woman, now stuck as a young man, began searching for the vampire after being released from the hospital.

    The role-play opens when a young human man shows up on the vampire's doorstep claiming to be the vampire woman he loved. What's a vampire to do?

    I'm looking for someone to be the vampire. I would prefer someone who has a good grasp on grammar and spelling. Posts don't have to be long but I have to have something to reply to. Don't worry, I'll let you know if your post is too short.

    PM me or post on here if you're interested.

  2. This sounds like an intriguing plot to play out. If you don't already have a partner for it, I would like to.
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