I'm starting to remember how I got so bogged down

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  1. I get back from a hiatus because I was bogged down and I'm starting to remember why I got bogged down

    I got impatient waiting for some roleplays to start that I got involved in others to pass the time. Now I'm stuck because I committed to doing one at a time and I'm waiting for one to even get players, let alone an IC post

    What do
  2. Videogaemz
  3. What do you think I did over my hiatus
  4. Cut some of the ones that you've lost interest in? Everyone hates doing it, but sometimes you have to play the bad guy and tell people that you accidentally over-committed yourself and you need to bring your numbers down. =/
  5. But I'm only committed to one :c
  6. Do moar. Or read. Reading also has the side effect of giving great ideas for RPs! ^.^
  7. This.

    You practice your plotting/writing AND have cool stuff to use for future rps. 8D
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  9. You can also browse TV Tropes for great ideas for future stuff and insight into ideas in which you're already interested.

    You can also use doll maker sites (recolor.me, azaleasdolls, rinmaru games, and doll divine) to idle time away and brainstorm some nifty new characters.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.