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  1. Hazel Eliana Sykes was a 20 year old girl, she lived in Los Angeles but was originally from the Uk, London. She lived with a roommate in an apartment by the beach and it was such a beautiful place to live and she loved it. She was a huge fan of Teen Wolf as well and loved a certain actor who played Stiles, yes she was a fan of Dylan O'Brien and loved him in his films as well. She had driven her friend crazy that she stayed with, always shouting when Teen Wolf was on or getting excited for new episodes. She was a girl that had light brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes that stand out a lot, she had a nice figure as well and was a sporty girl.

    Right now she was dressed and ready to go to the Teen Wolf Comic Con and finally get to see and hear the actors from Teen Wolf that she loved. She had driven to where the place was and had a pass around her neck and was just walking around the place, she had gotten there early to make sure she got there. She wasn't really looking where she was going and next thing she knew, a door opened on her and she ended up falling back onto the floor with a groan and put a hand to her nose and saw it was bleeding a little.
  2. Dylan waved goodbye to the Tylers, and picked up his phone, as he headed down the hallway towards the main Comic-Con hall. He was bored out of his head, so he wanted to walk around and meet some fans. Thankfully the Teen Wolf fandom was cool, and they weren't psychotic - well, most of them. Some of the Sterek shippers were a tad nuts in Dylan's opinion.

    He pushed open the door for the main hall, but heard a sickening thud from the other side. He paled, and knelt down beside the girl he had knocked down with the dog. "Are you ok? How many fingers am I holding up?" He held up three fingers. "This is so not good."
  3. Hazel honestly didn't think that any of the cast of Teen Wolf was even here while she was wondering around, which to be honest, she shouldn't really be wondering around anyway but no one was stopping her at all and she had a pass on anyway, so couldn't be chucked out, she was just minding her own business and guess people might of thought she was staff.

    She was the only one in the room at the moment before being knocked over by the door opening without warning. She opened her eyes and looked at who was in front of her and her eyes widened as she tried to not freak out and she wasn't one to freak out either. "I'm fine, you are holding three up, I can see perfectly fine, I think you got my nose more than me" she said and moved her hand away. "What a story huh, getting knocked over by Dylan O'Brien" she said and trying to make a joke out of it. "Do you have any tissue for my nose, which I think you may have broken"
  4. Dylan nodded, quickly pulling out his handkerchief from his pocket. He handed it to her. "I'm so so sorry! I'll take you to the hospital to get your nose checked out." If he really had broken it, he would feel so guilty. Honestly, he was the clumsiest person in the world.

    He got up, and helped her to her feet. "I'm Dylan, but I guess you know that already, since you just said it." He awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. "Anyway, we really should get your nose checked out."
  5. Hazel took the handkerchief from him and put it under her nose. "Thank you, it's fine, honestly you don't have to take me to the hospital or anything Dylan, believe me, it's fine, I've broken my nose before" she said to him and took a hold of his arm as he helped her up to her feet and she looked into her celebrity crush eyes. "I know you are Dylan, how could I not know who you are" she said to him.

    She brought the handkerchief away from her nose to see how much it was bleeding. "Well you must have some paramedics here or a first aider or someone that could look at my nose because I really don't fancy a trip up to the hospital, I don't want to miss this comic con either, I can here to see you" she said and blushed. "Why did I just tell you that"
  6. "I don't think there is anyone, but I have a basic first aid knowledge - if you trust the guy who hurt your nose, I could find you a plaster or something to keep it in place at least until after the comic con panels, and then I'll take you up to the hospital." Dylan offered, noticing how utterly beautiful this girl was.
  7. Hazel looked at him with her blue eyes and laughed a little. "Well that's the thing, do I trust a guy that just almost knocked me out with a door and can be clumsy from what I have heard" she said to him and nodded. "But yeah, that sounds fine to me, get a plaster or something to keep it in place, i'll need to take my nose stud out as well and clean this blood up" she said to him. "Oh and it's nice meeting you as well Dylan, you are an amazing actor" she said to him.

  8. "Come on this way, and I'll get you a plaster." Dylan beckoned for her to follow him, and he led her back down the hallway to the dressing rooms. He pushed open the door. "Hey Hoechlin? Do we have any plasters in here? Good, sturdy plasters?" He poked his head in.
  9. Hazel nodded her head. "Thank you" she said to him and following him, looking around as she did and chewed on her lip as he came to the dressing rooms and heard him call one of the other cast members.

    Tyler Hoechlin looked at Dylan and raised his eyebrow. "Why do you even need a sturdy plaster Dylan, what have you done boo?" he asked him with a smile and joking of course when he called him boo. "There most likely is plasters in the first aid box" he said to him and went to the green box and opened it, holding up a pack of plaster's. "Big one, small one? or maybe knowing you the whole box"
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    Dylan rolled his eyes, and leaned against the doorframe. "Which size would be good for a broken nose?" He asked, considering the two sizes. "And I'm clumsy I know, but it's not my fault. I'm just not co-ordinated." He stuck his tongue out, and glanced at Tyler Posey. "Hey again. Oh, this is..." He paused and glanced back at the girl he had knocked over.

    "What's your name by the way? I didn't catch it." He smiled.
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    Tyler Hoechlin smiled at him before raising his eyebrow. "For a broken nose?" he asked and looked at the girl. "Ahh let me guess, you might have broken this poor girls nose, Dylan how could you" he said. "I would say a big one, considering you don't know how much of it is broken" he said and passed the box to Dylan.

    Hazel stayed behind Dylan a little and going a bit shy, even though these where the people who she loved a lot and always watched on the tv and had the DVDs. She looked at Dylan. "Oh right yeah, Hazel, my names Hazel" she said with a smile to him.
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    Dylan took the box, and went more into the room. He set the box down, and hunted through it for a big enough plaster. "Hazel's a pretty name." He glanced at her with a smile. "And you're British? I love British accents, one of the reasons why I love a certain British band so much." He grinned, and picked out a relatively big plaster. "And anyway Hoechlin, it was an accident. I just opened a door, and because I have crap luck, I accidentally might have broken her nose."
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    Hazel stayed behind him, still being shy and just smiled at the cast members in the room and gave them a wave before blushing. "Thank you, my Dad picked it" she said smiling and nodded. "Yep I am British, loads of people have said that to me ever since I moved here, the first thing they say is, oh you are British, which British band do you like?" she asked him and looked at the big plasters and she shook her head and took her nose stud out that she had in, so he could put the plaster over her nose.

    Tyler Hoechlin looked at him as he put the other stuff away again. "The poor girl, Hazel you can come use the bathroom to clean the blood up, just kick Holland out, she won't mind" he said with a smile. "I hope you are taking her to the hospital after this Dylan and then on a date"
  14. "Yeah, we're going to the hospital after our panel bit." Dylan nodded, and blushed at the second part, elbowing the older man. "I only just met her! And besides, it wouldn't be fair to her because we're so busy." He whispered the last part to Tyler before he turned to Hazel. "Here's the plaster. The bathroom's just down the hall - Holland and Crystal should be in there, but you can still use the sinks and mirrors."
  15. Hazel was too busy with trying to take her nose stud out that she didn't hear them whispering to each other. She looked at Dylan and gave him a smile, taking the plaster from him and nodded. "Okay, thank you Dylan" she said to him softly and gave his cheek a gentle kiss before going down to the bathroom and going inside and again, trying to not freak when she saw the two girls and just gave them both a smile before going tot he sink and putting Dylan's handkerchief down and using tissue to clean up the blood and things, having a feel of her nose as well before placing the plaster on her nose.

    Tyler Hoechlin looked at Dylan. "Mate, it doesn't matter if you just met her, she is a beautiful girl and around your age, you are still the single one out of us all, Tyler is engaged, I have my girlfriend, you need a beautiful girl Dylan and honestly, are you really going to just take her to the hospital and let her go, she could be the one for you, ask her on a date, we are busy so what, bring her to the set or where we are going to film, she will love it"
  16. "I'll make sure she gets home ok after the hospital, and I'll definitely bring her on the set for the next episode of Teen Wolf anyway, since it's the least I can do for breaking her nose." Dylan ran a hand through his hair. "She's really pretty though...." He smiled. Since breaking up with his long-term girlfriend Britt a few weeks previously, Stiles had been a bit down, but he didn't want to make Hazel the 'rebound girl.'
  17. Tyler Hoechlin looked at him. "Take her to the hospital, then home and bring her to the set and ask her on a bloody date or I will ask her for you O'Brien" he said and raised his eyebrow. "You like her Dylan, you think she is pretty and that wasn't just pretty, that was really pretty" he said and looked at his friend. "You don't want to make her seem like a 'rebound' did you?, Dylan it's been a few weeks, ask her on a date"
  18. "I know, but I just don't want to rush into anything." Dylan shrugged, and sat on a chair beside Tyler Posey as Daniel came in. "Hey Dan." He greeted the older male.

    Daniel nodded. "Sup Dyl. So, what are you ladies talking about?"
  19. Tyler Hoechli looked at him. "Dylan mate, who said going on a date with a girl is rushing into anything?" he asked him and looked at Daniel. "Right, Dylan brought this beautiful young girl here and he won't make a move on her and ask her on a date, hey Dylan Daniel is single, Daniel when this girl comes in, you give me a look or mouth something to me with what you think" he said to him.

    Hazel sorted herself out and knew she honestly looked stupid with the plaster now on her nose but she changed from her nose stud to a nose ring instead and washed her hands up and put Dylan's handkerchief into her bag and would wash it for him. She went back to the dressing room and slowly went into the room. "Erm thank you for all being so kind and helpful to me" she said with a smile and her blue eyes sparkled a little.
  20. Daniel nodded, and raised an eyebrow as a girl walked in. He glanced at Tyler and mouthed, "Perfect for him." He grinned, and held his hand out to her. "Hi there - I'm Daniel." He smiled charmingly at her.

    Dylan checked his watch, "Guys, it's time for our panel slot. We better get into position." He stood up. "Hazel, are you coming to the panel? You can ask questions to the cast."
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