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I'm so Sorry

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Rita ArchFena, Nov 10, 2013.

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    "I am sorry things ended the way they did. But everything happens for a reason. We made our promise, here's our chance."
    It seemed like a decade since the day I made that mistake. To see your face so sad, I never knew a man can be so torn. When you were dropped off behind that abandoned building, you seemed hesitant to approach. Oh how I am so sorry. You did everything for me, even walked an hour from your house to mine in the middle of the winter when I just wanted to see you. But that day we made a promise, a spell that I have casted or did I? I couldn't tell you honestly who did. Maybe I structured it and She blew life into it. Maybe you did and I helped. What if it wasn't a spell at all, and just a strong will from the both of us to be re-united down the road.
    I loved you, but I had to listen to that Daemon that lived with me. Now I see the pain, and I am scared to do it again. But we made a promise to each other so here we are once again. I no longer have that Daemon you see, but I still have many others. They all talk. Night and Day I am stuck. I want to step towards you but I still lurk in shadows no matter how close I seem.
    You see, that day put me out of my cycle and burned a hole in my ice. I went spiraling downwards towards a dark pit, hated every living thing, and my thoughts were nothing besides blank stares. I know you went through your own tough times, I felt bit and pieces of it. Months went by and slowly we began to talk again but it wasn't the same. Again I continued to hurt you in a number of ways, I regret them all but at the time I didn't understand.
    Later down in my life you helped me escape the Daemon, and yes I was put into another pit, but not the same one, a better one at least.
    To this day we finally face each other head on. The promise is coming true. But I am still stuck in my shadow, I want to reach out, but I refuse to hurt you again. Please you must understand, I am scared, I have abused myself and punished myself. But I think I have over done it. Now I have frozen myself in my steps. Though you are aware of where I am, why do you still persist and help me in everyway?
    I don't want to hurt you or myself anymore...
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    I'm sorry for how things ended, you were my first love, my first kiss, my first girlfriend. I learned what love was through us. I cared and still care a lot about you, more than I thought was possible. When it ended that day, I wanted to pretty much die. It was like part of me was ripped out. I couldn't sleep for days. Nor did I want to eat....so I didn't. I was lost without you. I loved you so much. And suddenly you were gone.....but we made a promise....a promise that kept me going, kept me hopeful. Eventually I moved on....or so I thought.....we became friends, but you were always special. Always. I made promises to you, I had every intention on keeping them. Why? I didn't really know at the time. Truth is that I still care deeply for you, despite everything, I still care. We now have a chance again. I don't want to hurt anymore. I don't want to see you hurt. I want you....
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