I'm So Sorry (To Everyone)

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  1. It seems like for the past couple of months I've been on, and off, and I really apologize for that. There have been a lot of health issues happening with myself and family, and real life sadly takes a massive portion out of my roleplaying life. To my partners you probably think I'm a jerk for just up and leaving you guys at random points, and I don't expect your forgiveness, but I truly hope that you understand that I am quite sorry. The past two or so weeks I've been traveling to see many doctors, who now confirm that I have both Tourettes, and Aspergers syndrome. The saddest part of me leaving however would be when I tried to take my own life a week or so ago. I was not permitted by hospital staff to come online, and so it would have been impossible for me to do so.

    Again I'm very very sorry.
    (I'm also sorry if this in the wrong section- I just figured it might be where it fit best.)

    I'm going to try and stay on for long bouts now, and try to inform people when it looks like I'll have to leave. (But hopefully it all things work out, I won't need to leave anymore!)
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  2. Y'know, I may not know you, but you seem like a pretty awesome lion from hell.

    Mental illness sucks big-time, so anyone who holds a grudge against you for leaving... Well, why were you hanging around such jerks in the first place? :P
    Take all the time you need. Don't worry about us, just concentrate on getting better.
    And if you kill yourself, I will come exorcise your ass.

    Like I said elsewhere, I have a box of hugs stashed under my bed in case of emergencies.
    Good luck, Hellion!
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  3. Don't ever say your sorry for not being able to come online, especially with that going on. U can't help it. I'm so sorry u were diagnosed with those.. I wish u luck and i'll pray.

    Don't ever try to kill yourself, life is worth living. Things always get better. Yes I know that's a cheesy saying but it's true, it will always get better, whether it takes a long time or a short time it just will. Your worth being here, everyone is. U were put here for a reason and made the way you are for a reason, don't doubt yourself or think u should end it. Please think about that next time u feel that way, and if u need to talk, PM me.
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