I'm so bored, it's not funny anymore.

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  1. You know when you're logged on the whole day and you get NO notifications? I had that yesterday. THAT NEVER HAPPENS TO ME! NEVER! But it happened yesterday, so now I need more roleplays! I don't enjoy group roleplays, so 1x1 it is! I am a flexible partner, but I won't do western or sci fi.

    You need to be able to post 2 paragraphs and at least once a day, but more, if you can, so that I have enough to write about and don't get bored. If you've got an idea, reply here or pm me!
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    Well, then maybe I can help.

    What do you like to Rp about?
  3. Historical fantasy is my forte, but I am open to many genres, including normal/traditional fantasy, horror/psychological, and anything to do with a sort of totalitarian government or post-apocalyptic worlds
  4. Never done Historical fantasy RP before. Do you have something special in mind?
  5. Not really. I'm good at Victorian England, 16th century Turkey, and Renaissance Italy, as for fantasy elements in it, I'd like to do a sort of play on the idea that paranormal creatures have exposed themselves, if you'd be interested ^^
  6. Mmmm, I'm not very good at history, but yeah, I'm totally up to it ; )
  7. Okay, any of the three you'd prefer? I haven't done a Renaissance based one in a while, so I'm more partial to that, but whatever you want is fine ^^
  8. Renaissance Italy sounds good... What will be the plot? What kind of fantasy do you want to put into the RP?
  9. I'm sort of thinking magical creatures have been exposed for whatever reason, and the plot is what happens after. The fantasy can be any sort of magic, like witches and wizards to shapeshifters and vampires. In my original idea of it, I was thinking that you'd be the magical creature, while my character is human, but I'm open to anything at the moment.
  10. Magic? Well, I was thinking... Maybe humans that are able to change the space, the very 'stings' that link all the things in space and time on the universe...
  11. Yeah, that sounds interesting ^^
  12. Well, I have no more questions. You can start it whenever you want. : )
  13. Okay, I'll leave a link on your page ^^
  14. If you're still looking for a frequent poster to rp with, I''m up for it, as I've had a bit of your feeling lately.
    I'm open for historical, fantasy, modern, whatever really. Though I kinda prefer fantasy, for the simple reason that I enjoy playing non-human races :3
  15. Of course I'm still looking! I'm looking for fantasy mainly, but have no ideas, so any you have are greatly appreciated.
  16. Great! :3
    Well, we could come with characters first, and try to work from there?
    I'm kinda in a Lizardkin binge atm, preferably of the rouge/trader kind. Though I also do Orcs, most of who are priests. Or, if human(ish), then a necromancer/lich. :3
    And I suppose I've got a personal version of their cultures, not that it's very important >_>
  17. Call me an Elder Scrolls nerd, but I'm turbo into elves, pretty much of any kind. If I was to choose between an elf race and a different fantasy race, elf would be one of the main choices.

    I've got an idea I tried before, but just as I was getting into the plot, my partner poofed, so maybe it'll appeal to you:

    The two races (elves for me, whatever you want for yours) have been at war for almost a century. And finally, after years of stalemate, your race's armies finally gain a victory of a medium-sized elven stronghold. It is supposed to be the last remaining obstacle before they can march upon the capitol. After executing the lord of the stronghold and his family, your character seizes the castle where they had lived. My character would be one of the three servants of the castle. Later in the RP, the idea could expand into something neither race would be able to defeat alone, or something else if you have any ideas.

    If you're interested, then great, but if not, I'm fine with that as well, and would be happy to come up with an idea with you.
  18. That sounds like a great idea to me :3
    Though I find it funny how often my Orcs seem to be at war with some Elves of some kind :P And yes, I'm gonna be a Orc, cause the Lizardkin most likely wouldn't keep the servants, to say it that way >_>
    And then it's the question about the greater threat. Demons and the undead are common for that role. Though I'd suggest... A huge, racist, Human empire maybe?
  19. Okay, that sounds interesting ^^ Any questions about the idea, do you want character sheets, etc?
  20. The idea is sound enough, so, let's just do character sheets and get started! :3
    And just real quick: My Orcs are slightly different from the eldar scrolls ones. They mostly look the same, just with less hair and bigger.

    Name: Rogdush Blackskull

    Gender: Male

    Race: Orc

    Age: 136

    Personality: Friendly and helpful towards his own, yet tends to be brutal, yet merciful towards his enemies.

    Appearance: Slightly bigger than his brethren, hairless, green and with tusks. He also has a somehow friendly face. Scars several places on his body, with one especially noticable, going from his ear almost to his mouth.

    Skills: Wields his claymore with great skill, and is mostly a good leader.

    Bio: Rogdush was born into poverty, yet due to his size and strength, he was able to rise in the ranks of the Orcish army. During the Orcish/Elven war he has a great many of the little pointy eared gits, yet he has also taken a great deal of damage himself.