I'm so amazing.

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Do you think im Amazing?

  1. Kid Jesus is Amazing!

  2. Kid Jesus is also Smexy.

  3. Kid Jesus is heretic, A super cool Heretic.

  4. Kill Kid Jesus because he is so great!

  5. You egotistical prick!

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  1. Tell me how great I am...You don't even need to mean it. Just like when you tell someone you love them.
  2. Jesus Christ this is something.

    snarky wonderfully morbid jokes that nobody else has the guts to make.

    That good enough?
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  3. Kid jesus is so amazing I poop a rainbow every time I hear that name :D
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  4. *Sits on the fence of SNARK and DIANANESS.* D: OH GOD I DUNNO WHAT TO DO!

  5. [​IMG]

    You've inspired so many emotions inside so many people, I'm sure.
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  6. "You don't even need to mean it. Just like when you tell someone you love them."

    I dunno who you been telling I love you too but on my planet we only say that when we mean it.
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  7. Idiot Diana. Use your admin powers to add a new option to the poll then give it a million points. Hubris such as this can't go unpunished.
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  8. Show Spoiler
    You are so amazing that I'd smother your naked bum in peanut butter and smack it with a loaf of freshly baked bread. The peanut butter would catch fire from the pure amazingness radiating from you and from the velocity and turbulence of my rapid-fire bread smackery. In fact, it would be so amazing that the whole world would lose color simply because it realizes how plain and insignificant it is. Then I will graffiti all over every square inch of your body, because thats what filthy mongrels like me to do perfect and sacred things out of envy.
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  9. If I was stuck in a room with you, a murderer, a bear, and I had a gun loaded with two bullets, I'd shoot you twice.
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  10. So your from mars or something? So cereal.
  11. I only like because of the 33% chance i don't shot...Watching you bro.
  12. Yes do it, If you won't then give up your power to me! The supreme leader of this forum.
  13. Yes, I'm from Mars, the planet of rust and ice.

    That makes me cooler than you by lightyears.
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  14. You wouldn't last five minutes in diana's job, which is being under me.
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  15. ....Shit.
  16. Wait, My retort...I am Kid Jesus
  17. I am Adult Agnostic.
  18. Liar! You're Crowsie.
  19. Is it strange that i voted for my self. No, No it not for Kid Jesus is praising Kid Jesus.
  20. This has to be some sort of troll.

    +1 because people took it seriously.
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