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  1. I'm really having a crappy time right now and honestly I feel like dropping off of the face of the Earth.

    My grandma had to go into the hospital last week to get a stent in her legs due to a blockage. She came home and seemed fine. This morning when I woke up, I went into the bedroom to see her and she was laying down in bed but she seemed sluggish. I paid no mind and went to run errands with my uncle's girlfriend. When I came back this evening, her husband had called an ambulance because Grandma was slurring her words and could barely move her right side.

    The paramedics said that she was having a stroke. Whether it was mild or massive I don't know. When I got to the hospital and went into the room to see her, Grandma was moving a bit and trying to speak but she was doped up on meds.

    I'm really scared to be honest. If I lose Grandma now, there's no way I'll make it. It'll be Game Over for me. I'm sick of things going well for me and then all of a sudden things have to take a turn for the worst. Why can't I just have peace for once in my damn life? Is that too fucking much to ask for? Apparently so since I seem to be cursed.

    I hope Grandma makes it cause we can't lose her now :( We need her.
  2. Well this is difficult to respond to since you just can't say, "Give her this type of pill twice a day for two weeks" and everything's going to be okay!! This is just one of those waiting moments when all you can do is be strong and hope for the best. It sucks that this unfortunate incident had to occur but try not to think on the negative side. Not everyone is just going to keel over simply due to a single stroke as long as it doesn't become a habit. However this does seem like it should be a wake-up call for you though.

    I basically know little to nothing about you and your struggle(Outside of the stuff you post on here) so excuse me if I'm mistaken but it sounds like you're leaning on her mostly for balance. Now I'm not saying that you just sit around doing absolutely nothing with your life but if you're saying stuff like "It'll be Game Over for me" then it sounds like you've been becoming independent at a very moderate pace rather than pushing yourself to reach the mile. If in any case that your grandmother or any other parental figure passed away in your life then they would probably be content doing so knowing that your future was secured.

    With my thoughts and advice on the matter completely thrown out there, I guess I'll be taking my leave. But, if you need someone to talk to then just send me a message. I can't say I've ever been in your position but I've seen my fair share of problems so I know what you're going through. Anyways, I am outta here!!!
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