Im Sataki (S.A.O rp) (Character Sheet/Sign up)

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  1. Ok so this is a signup for my upcoming rp im sad due to the fact I cant post a proper sign up sheet so ive gotta post it here. Also its a sword art online rp.

    Character Sheet
    Full Name: (character)

    UserName: (name used in s.a.o)


    Appearance: (if you cant use a photo type how they look) ((p.s may post pic of out of s.a.o and in s.a.o))

    Sword Name: (example: Elucidator) ((p.s may post pic of sword))

    Special Sword Ability: (Example: Lights enemys on fire with a slash 50% probability of working:

    Bio: ((past))

    ((thats all)) ok il do my one

    Character Sheet
    Full Name: Sataki Ishida

    UserName: Sataki

    Age: 15


    Sataki out of Sword Art

    In Sword Art just with black hair a Dark Blue and Black Coat
    with Demons Bane on waist.

    Sword Name: Demons Bane.

    Demons Bane ^^

    Special Sword Ability: Sets a curse on whom the weilder chooses. The higher the level the stronger a curse.

    Bio: Explained in story.

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  2. Character Sheet
    Full Name: Adelaed Onitari

    UserName: Sceltyr

    Age: 18

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Sword Art: [​IMG]

    Swords Name: (2) The Hounds [​IMG]

    Special Sword Ability: Demon Fang! Burning blue fire flows over the blade's edges for up to ten minutes and does x50 fire damage.

    Bio: A Gamer addict who hopes to one day do art for games much like SAO. So of course when the game hits the market she's all in. How could she pass up a chance to do some in game art study? So in she dives. Leaving friend family and her future career behind.

    She has about an intermediate level of gaming experience, so she may not be in the tops, but she is is good in a tough spot. She is also a fast learner. She is a little shy when it come to meeting new people though, so now that they're all trapped in a game she sort of wishes she'd dragged someone with her on this crazy dive.
  3. Full Name: Saya Hashimoto

    UserName: Amaya

    Age: 20


    In Game:

    Sword Name: Poison Strike

    Special Sword Ability: Does double damage on critical hit, 15% chance to paralyze enemy for thirty seconds.
    Bio: She used to write every day, and even has an unedited novel sitting in the corner of her desk. But writer's block hit here and she hasn't bothered to fight it. It seemed easier to give up on it and go back to video games.

    She's very experienced in playing SAO and other video games, although she's not the type to brag or call anyone a "noob". She prefers to play alone, but won't turn down company. She's somewhat socially awkward, and doesn't care for small talk.
  4. OK your in il post the rp later and pm you when its set
  5. Character Sheet
    Full Name: Hayato Obata

    UserName: Yabat

    Age: 20


    Sword Name: kadhemen

    Special Sword Ability: Slows targets movements by 2% [Stacks up to 50%]

    Bio: He was angry after the announcement he had heard the first day. All ten thousand players stuck in a game where if they should have there HP hit zero they would die for real?! He had saved up for three months only to find out his money, hard earned cash that honestly he couldn't spare, put him in the middle of a mad mans world?

    It took him months be he finally started to solo the front lines. There was not a single thing that would stop him from pushing this game to the end. He had the funding from a few players telling him they would support him as much as they could. He had a few connections, a merchant whom made good cash and always sent generous amounts so Yabat always had a good chance of surviving. He had a black smith that would repair his weapon and armor to full durability for half the cost, and a couple friends from various guilds that he hands out with every once in a while. Hasn't joined a guild yet and honestly the way things have been looking on the front line he might have to join one soon.