I'm probably the only one in the world who does this.

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  1. This is a thread where you type things you think that only you possibly do! You'd be surprised how many other people do EXACTLY the same thing.

    -- When riding a car during a rainy day, I pretend that that moving droplets on the window are having races and I silently cheer for them.

    -- When I am ready to leave for work or school and I enter my car, I have to exit my car again and look through the house to make sure certain kitchen or bathroom appliances and various electronics are unplugged. And I might do that twice or even three times.

    -- I bark at nearby dogs.

    -- I meow at nearby cats.

    -- I scream at nearby birds.

    -- I try to sneak up on birds/cats/dogs.

    -- I avoid stepping on cracks on the ground. If I do step on a crack with one foot, I have to step the equal number of cracks with the other foot.

    -- I avoid stepping on top of that small space between the elevator and the room because I'm afraid I might fall through.
  2. I can't clean with anyone around me or anyone bugging me about cleaning- Either thing just completely drains my will to clean. If I'm alone and no one has been bugging me about it though, I'm a cleaning machine.
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  3. I still blow bubbles in my chocolate milk. o__o

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  4. I growl at dogs sometimes. Random ones on the street, if they are big and unleashed and potentially dangerous. Bar my teeth, let them know whats up.
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  5. - I like to put cool whip on my applesauce.
    - When I wash my hands, it has to feel like there's an even amount of soap on each hand or else I'll try all over again.
    - I count how many steps I take, how many stairs I go down, how many times I chew a bite, how many times I brush each section of my teeth... And other things... If I don't do each thing an even number of times, I'll go out of my way to do an extra, unnecessary step/chew/brush/etc. so that it will be an even number. (Idk if I explained that very well.)
    - When I open a new bottle of Coke, I squeeze the excess gas out of it before I pour myself a glass, all the while giggling about it.
    - When my son falls asleep, I do a victory dance, no matter how tired I am or what time of day/night it is.

    Some of these things are due to me being OCD. The others are just 'cause I'm weird. :D

    Edit: October, my boyfriend does that too. He'll stare big brutish dogs down until they whimper and run away. xD
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  6. When I talk to people, I sometimes repeat quietly under my breath or to myself what I just said to make sure I didn't say something stupid.
  7. Superstitions:
    -When I'm cleaning, I can't throw away/vacuum up money. Even if its just a penny, I feel like the universe will see this and be all "Oh, so you can afford to just THROW AWAY money! FINANCIALRUINFORYOU!"
    -When I see the moon I blow a kiss to it, I'm not sure where/when this started but I've always thought it brings me luck.
    -I kiss the roof of my car when I run a yellow light for luck.
    -If I ever need an excuse to get out of something, my lie has to at least be based on a truth. If I lie outright about death, illness, or car trouble, it will invite those things into my life.

    -I don't like to play video games by the rules. I have much more fun exploring rooms, finding little easter eggs, or just playing around with crafting functions than I ever do actually following the storyline.
    -When I'm walking around at work, I'll often start patting loudly on my collarbone with my hand. I have no idea why I do this.
    -I don't eat spear pickles or string cheese in front of people ever since it was pointed out to me that I when I eat them, it looks very sexual. I was totally mortified when I was told this because I realized that it does.
    -I'm the same way as [MENTION=5483]Knives[/MENTION], but with just about everything. If I feel pressured into doing something, even if it was my idea originally, I'll just lose all will to do it.

    -I have to keep my keys in my hand until after my car door is closed. Otherwise I get paranoid that I've forgotten my keys in the car and I'll have to pat down every pocket and dig through my bag till I find them.
    -I have to check my car/house door at least three times before I'm sure it's locked. Sometimes I'll have to walk back just to double check in case I wasn't thorough enough.
    - I don't do this any more, thank the stars, but when I was a child and I had to make a turn or something I would have to turn in the opposite direction as well to make it even. I was that weird kid who, while climbing the stairs in school, would do a spin on each landing or else I'd feel unbalanced.
    -I had four superstitions and four quirks listed and so I needed to make a fourth here because I like even lists.
  8. -My fiction bookshelf is alphabetized by author's last name. Nonfiction in order of spine height.
    -My closet organization changes every few months. I can't decide if I like order of rainbow, name, warmth, or another system best.
    -My games are organized in order of how much they're played. You can use the dust on top to figure out what shelf they belong on.
    -I keep a strict catalogue of freckles on my body. Every time I get a new one, I love to watch it grow and mature.
    -I use the American spelling of almost every word, but catalogue must have the UE on the end or it looks funny to me.
    -I kegel flex when I'm bored. Some people tap their feet, some chew gum... I flex my kegels.
    -I hate stooping over, so I will pick things up with my feet. If it's something gross, I will carry it to the trash can/dirty clothes hamper entirely with my feet and refuse to otherwise touch it. After years of this, I can accurately throw small objects up to eight feet using only my feet. I'm ambidextrous with them, and have learned to do several other useful tasks. Opening doorknobs is my current project.
  9. Alright, things that normal people don't do but I do:

    -In the shower, I open my mouth and fill it with water before spitting it out again, just for shits and giggles
    -I talk to my refection
    -I wash my hands about every five minutes because of my fear of germs
    -If someone is staring at me, I will look them right in the eye without blinking and stare right back. And if that doesn't work, I make weird faces until they are either forced to laugh or look away in fear of the crazy man
    -On DVDs, they always come with this protection tape; I like to stick them on my cat's left front foot and back right foot (no, it doesn't hurt them because I make sure they can get them off)
    -I pace when I am nervous or really, really pissed off
    -I buy soda not to drink it but to pull pranks on others
    -I have an issue with beards
    -I always shut my eyes and hold on for dear life in elevators
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  10. - I talk to my computer i.e. "No computer I mean double click"
    - I can't still for much longer then an hour with out getting up. If I'm a home I may also dance or jump around when I get up. If I have to sit still (say I'm at the theater) I make sure I have room to move my feet.
    - I have this thing about needing to sit on the end of an isle. If at all possible I want to sit on the end.

    [MENTION=3337]Levusti[/MENTION], I silently cheer for raindrop races too :)
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  11. I find pictures in rough ceilings, static, and other patternless surfaces/images

    I talk to inanimate objects like I'm chastising a small child. ([to something stuck in a box] come on, now; you can't stay in there forever. It's nice our here, c'mon...)
  12. I do the first two all the time :D
  13. -I need music when showering, or another person in the bathroom with me, because I get freaked out and scared, and I will NOT shower unless someone else is in the building. They don't necessarily have to be in the bathroom with me, but I need to know there is at least someone out there.

    -If I have a song in my head before I go to sleep, I need to listen to it 4 times before I can actually fall asleep. ._.

    -I triple count things when I need to be certain there's a specific amount of an item. Which makes my job harder because I count things constantly to back-stock them.... >___>

    -I have to sleep with my feet tucked underneath my blankets.

    -Similarly, I need to make sure my blanket I'm sleeping with isn't inverted, flipped upside down, or messed up before I sleep, otherwise I have bad dreams. F'real.

    -I always think of ways I could die. Everyday. No matter where I am. It's mostly so that I can think of ways to defend myself and others if something happens, like a crazy person comes on my bus and tries to hurt people, then I'd think of who I'd defend, where I could get them and myself out, and how I'd attack them back.

    -I take the stairs rather than elevators.

    -I like to think of how a strangers life has been when I people watch. Like on the bus, I like to imagine where they are about to go and what lead them to have a smile on their face that day.

    -I need to wrap my keys around my wrist on my way home from work, otherwise I think I lost them on the bus or something. Same goes with my phone/sweaters, I need to have them in my hand and I have o squeeze them to make sure they are there. Like yesterday, I forgot my sweater at work and had a panic attack, thinking I forgot it on the bus x.x I did that today to! >:[

    -I avoid looking into cracked mirrors. It's just a weird thing I have :<

    :3 That's it I think.
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  14. Alright, here's my to-do list of everyday weirdness!
    • When I'm in the shower, I put water in my mouth and pretend I am a squirtle and use Water Gun;
    • My boredom leads to me acting and singing the scene of "Les Miserables", except that I have all my teeth and hair (only some will get it);
    • I look up on Tumblr for "#kissing boys" to feed my miss;
    • At 1 a.m., I practice dancing because I'm bored, I don't even dance LOL;
    • When I watch someone playing Minecraft on YouTube I rage when they through a lot of minerals that you can't find in that great quantity.
    That's it, heh.
  15. I cheer for raindrop races too!
    • I talk to my car's navigation system like she's a real person. Her name is Navi (like Link's fairy). I also chastise her for being too pushy if she keeps insisting I take a certain route.
    • My closet is organized by color, and my hangers are colored. My clothes hang on like-colored hangers. If I have no hangers of that color left, I'd rather fold it and put on a shelf than put it on a hanger that is the wrong color. By the way, colored clothes hangers are expensive. At least, more expensive than generic non-colored ones.
    • I compulsively cheat in any game I play that will allow me to cheat, as long as me cheating doesn't affect another player's experience. Any time I start playing a new game, the first thing I do is look up if there's a cheat or glitch that I can abuse. So, StarCraft? I have no idea how to actually play the game because I cheated through it. To this day I still have the cheats for the original StarCraft game committed to muscle memory. I don't even remember what most of them say but I always typed them in the same order.
    This is the order in which I typed cheats. For what it's worth, I did NOT look these up.
    StarCraft (open)
    power overwhelming
    black sheep wall
    operation cwal
    something for nothing
    medieval man
    modify the phase variance
    the gathering
    food for thought
    show me the money
    show me the money
    show me the money

    • I have to finish listening to a song before I can stop the music. So if I'm in the car, I will wait in the parking lot with my car running to let the song finish playing before I get out. If I'm listening to music on my iPod or iPhone, I wait for the song to end before taking my headphones out. It's so bad that if I hear a song that I recognize while I'm on hold, I have to listen to it after I hang up if the song gets cut off. On the radio, that even applies if it's a song I don't like.