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  1. On a swing at Central Park
    "GRRRR! Where is everyone! I called them all here, and I was hopping they would be here early. Of course that's too much to ask for... But would not having Remington run off be enough? I get it this world is fascinating, but come on! Poor maiden here alone, and my partner is off chasing... "cars" or what ever they are... Hum-Dee-Dum-Dee-Doo... I'm... So... BOOOOOORED!"

    A young lady in a particularly strange outfit sat on the swings. She watched kids walk by and point her out to their mothers as they walked by. Their mothers all whispered something in their ears, completely ignored them and quickened their pace, or just stood their agape for a few seconds before heading off.

    "This is certainly a strange place..." Odette stared up into the clouds dreaming of all things imaginable The sun was high signifying it was mid day

    About four hours earlier, in the bed of a certain boy

    Beep beep beep


    beep beep beep

    beep beep beep

    That clock was getting tired of all this beeping


    "Alright! Alright... I'm awake... I'm awake. Huh... Stupid clock...

    Oh no he didn't!

    The beeping halted as his hand slammed against the top of the clock. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. He was completely dissatisfied with his rude awakening. Slowly he pulled himself out of bed, and dressed himself. It was a pain really. He was having a nice sleep... Aside from a dream that made absolutely no sense in the slightest. He headed downstairs where his mother asked him to take the garbage out. He did so then told her that he was heading out for a while. He spent the beginning of the morning just hanging with a friend, before he had to leave. Now he had nothing else to do, so he just decided to head to the park. The entire time he was their he just felt crazy. Even more so when he noticed the teen in the odd clothing.
  2. It was always a bit odd working in the bakery. Mocha always wondered what people would think if they saw her there day after day. Did it seem like she was stereotyping herself? Or would it discourage customers if they saw her while obtaining their pastries? She didn't know, but thankfully, she worked in the kitchen instead of out front. The only people who really knew that she worked there were her own co-workers, and they seemed to have accepted her there without a problem. She was probably fine, no need to worry herself over something so trivial. After all, she shouldn't be restricting herself from the job she liked because of her size, right? That would be silly of her!

    Most of the morning had been spent in the bakery, but after her shift ended,
    she was free for the day. Since this was one of the days when she showed up early in the morning to help in the kitchen, she didn't have to stay quite as long as the people who arrived later to actually open the shop. Now that it was nearing the middle of the day, it was quite nice outside, so why not take a walk?
    As she walked, she eventually remembered the weird dream that she had the night before. It was pretty different from how her dreams normally were, now that she thought of it. And the end of it...how strange. Why would it mention that she had to go to the park? While she was wondering about it, she didn't notice that her feet had slready started leading her in that direction, likely spurred on subconsciously by the thoughts of the dream.

    Kuro had woken up a bit late, like she did every weekend. The smell of food in the kitchen was usually what it took to get her up when she didn't have school, and today it smelled really good. Rubbing her eyes, she pushed her teddy bear to the side and hopped out of bed to get dressed for the day in her casual clothes: A pair of black cargo shorts and a plain green T-shirt underneath her blue Mario sweatshirt. She didn't bother putting on shoes yet, though she would have had to go find them if she had wanted to since she didn't remember bringing them upstairs to her room the night before. As soon as she got downstairs, she saw that her brother was making waffles. Wait, why was he making them?

    Mere moments after she asked herself that question, Klaus seemed to sense her presence and turned to greet her. "Morning! Mom and Dad had to go out earlier, so I made breakfast!"

    Kuro sighed. That wasn't too weird, actually, since she slept late and they had both mentioned something about work-related projects this week. It was nearing the end of the quarter at both the businesses they worked at, so there was a big chance that they would have to go in a couple times over the weekend this week and the next. And Klaus was pretty good at making breakfast foods in her opinion, so she didn't really mind. Shrugging, she thanked him for the waffles and grabbed some plates.
  3. It was in the earliest hours of the morning when Daiki began waking up. This certainly was unusual since he had gotten accustomed to getting out of bed way over midday. And yet, today something had disturbed his slumber. Seeing as he would not be able to go back to sleep, Daiki rolled around for a while, examining the small room. A different bed, unknown walls and strange furniture. It took him some time to come to his senses and realize that it was completely natural for his surroundings to be so unfamiliar. After all, he had arrived form Japan only a couple of days prior. 'How stupid of me' Daiki mumbled as he at last rose from under the covers, one slow, painful movement at a time. He was too lazy and didn't want to have to leave the comfort of the sheets and abandon the heat that had build up over night. Yet, it was inevitable.

    Suddenly, the man shot up and stood still at the end of his bed as a memory of tonight's weird dream washed over him. Although he had come to the conclusion that each and every one of his dreams were spectacularly strange, this one oddly enough stood out. The reason was that Daiki had figured long ago that most fantasies were always build on imagery he had seen during the waking state. They were a compilation of real objects, sights, faces. However, the dream, that had disrupted him in the rudest manner, appeared to be completely alien. Not only that, but somehow it made sense, unlike all the others that, although amusing, possessed no real meaning.

    The whole ordeal sparked interest in Daiki. After all, he had been in New York for a considerable amount of time but ,unfortunately, nothing exciting had happened so far. He knew no one and was unable to make any acquaintances, despite being skilled at English. All was so agonizingly dull and stressful. He had even considered returning home. However, that would mean confessing that the decision to leave his hometown was a mistake and this idea certainly was something that Daiki did not even wish to think about. But now, something had popped up and grabbed his attention. He viewed it as a chance to set things into motion and make some contacts to benefit himself.

    Being desperate for something potentially interesting, he stood up and decided to begin with his morning routine as soon as possible. It took the man a while to get prepared since it wasn't a habit of his to be as active as in that particular moment. Finally, after all was finished, Daiki stormed out of the dim appartment and headed for Central Park.
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  4. It was early in the morning, around 7.30am or so, when the curtains were set apart and the bright sunlight shone into the young blond-haired boy's eyes. He covered his head in the bedsheets and tried to go back to sleep, but he was forcefully woken up by his mother, who was gently pushing his body and calling out his name in order to make him get up. 'Lucas, honey, it's time for you to wake up. Don't oversleep, otherwise we'll miss the flight.' is what she said with her sweet and calm voice.
    Lucas let out a few yawns, opened his eyes with a bit of hesitation and uncovered his body. It was visible that he was very sleepy, just looking at his sluggish tries to at least raise his head. His mother couldn't help but chuckle and helped him get up.
    The boy rubbed his eyes for a half a minute, looked at his mum and said in a mumbling voice, mixed with another yawn 'Good morning'. The lady smiled once more and told him 'Now, go and eat breakfast with your father while I get the baggage ready. Don't forget that we must be at the airport by noon, so you'd better hurry up.' Lucas stood up, stuck his bare feet in his slippers and walked towards the door. Before he left the room, he asked his mother 'Where were we going, again?', again yawning for probably the fifth time. She giggled and responded 'You'd already forgotten? New York, the USA. Your father got a job in an American company and we'll be staying there for some time. Just so you know, we'll be living in a flat, so no running in the hallways (although I've repeated to you for so many years that you mustn't run in the hallways at any means...). I'm sure we'll get used to the modern atmosphere there quite fast. And I know we'll enjoy our stay there. Now hurry up and go eat your portion of pancakes before they get cold!'.
    He didn't pay attention to even half of her words, nodded and walked down the stairs. The smell of fresh pancakes in the morning finally woke his senses and he literally ran to the kitchen, sat on his chair and started stuffing his mouth with warm pancakes with maple syrup. His father was casually sitting on his seat and reading the newspaper. The old man greeted his son and continued on reading, receiving a few mumbles from Lucas's full mouth.
    A few hours have passed and it was time for the Lessor family to drive to the airport. Lucas was upset that he had to leave his friends for a few years or even longer, but his dad tried cheering him up with a few classy jokes about friendship, which Lucas didn't understand, but did his best to imitate laughing in order not to worry his father. They arrived just in time for the luggage check and after one more hour they finally got on their plane. Lucas was smiling, of course, but that was just on the outside. He was crying on the inside but tried to fill his mind with happy thoughts - like how beautiful the sky was or how he'll be able to find even better friends in America.
    He was still sleepy, though. The boy left out a deep sigh, mumbled 'This will be a lo~ng flight...' and fell asleep.
  5. [​IMG]
    Remington walked around the park, marveling at the small objects that were found in almost every person's hand. He had seen people talk into them, heard voices come from them, and much more. It was amazing, and he wanted to learn more about these devices. As he followed behind a girl, he tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and landed face first into said girl. "Ssssssorry! Sorry! Sooooorry!" Remington continued to mutter apologies loudly as he backed up crab-style, only to bump into the legs of an older man. More apologies flew from Remington's mouth as the man kicked him aside. Remington scrambled to his feet and ran off the path to a nearby tree. He placed a hand on it as he held his pounding heart. Why couldn't my powers include the annulment of my clumsiness?

    When the oddly dressed young man's heart finally slowed, he straightened and looked around. A look of sheer panic spread across his face. He lifted his hands to his head and began to run is circles. "Oh no! Oh no! I lost her! I lost her! What do I do?! What do I doooooooo?!" Remington's foot slipped on the grass and his face planted itself firmly into a tree. He slide down and landed on his back, his eyes crossed from the force. After the dizzy spell passed, he got up and brushed his clothes off. He cleared throat and looked around, hoping no one saw him. Though many people surely saw his embarrassing scene, Remington convinced himself that he'd been inconspicuous. He looked down the path and planted his right fist into his left palm. "Come on Remington, be a man. Just calm down and look around. The Mistress is quite difficult to miss in this world." Giving himself a reassuring nod, Remington made his way down the sidewalk. He wasn't sure how long he'd been walking, but eventually he saw his target. Remington gave a sigh of relief and walked to Odette as calmly as possible. "I'm back from my patroWOAH!" Tripping over his own feet, Remington fell on his face for the third time that day. Sadly, that wasn't even close to his record. He just laid there, waiting for Odette to speak next.

    Lina looked out the window of her dad's truck, watching the houses go by. They had went golfing today, quite early, and they were only now getting back at noon. Her eyes moved to the sky as she recalled the odd dream from last night, something about devouring darkness and saving the world, blah blah blah. Lina hadn't thought much on it, considering the night before she'd stayed up late watching some fantasy movies with her folks. However, regardless of her initial doubt, the dream kept rolling around in her head, and it had affected her score. Lina's father eyed her and spoke. "You okay? You've been distracted ever since you woke up." Lina turned her head and shrugged. "I don't know...just a dream I had. It's kinda bugging me, but I don't know why." Lina's dad gave a grunt, one she knew well to mean, 'I'm acknowledging what you said but have no idea how to respond.' She smiled at his response before returning her attention outside.

    As they neared Central Park, Lina got a pit in her stomach. It wasn't a bad necessarily, but it felt like it was telling her something. She exhaled to try and relieve the sensation, but nothing she did could get rid of it. Finally, right before they passed the park, Lina spoke up. "Dad. Can you...please drop me off at the park?" Her father's brow furrowed in confusion, but he did as she asked. As the truck came to a stop, Lina unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the car door. She turned around before shutting it and smiled at her father. "Thanks Dad. I'll be home before dinner." He gave her a nod and a wave as she shut the door and made her way into the park.

    As she continued farther in, Lina pulled her hair tie and shook her hair out. Her brown locks fell just above her shoulders and hugged the collar of her blue polo shirt. Her baggy cargo shorts brushed against her knees as she picked up her pace. Lina felt an odd urgency, like if she took too long to get to her destination that whatever event was taking place would pass her by. When Lina reached the playground of the park, she stopped abruptly as her jaw dropped. There on the swings was the girl, the one from her dream. Lina rubbed her eyes and blinked a few times before checking again. No change, the oddly dressed girl was still there. Mustering her courage, Lina walked up to the swings and gave a slightly baffled-looking smile. "So, um...you...called?" Lina's eyes glanced at the blue-haired figure lying on the ground, the scene only adding to Lina's curiosity and confusion. She returned her eyes to the pink-haired young woman, Lina's eyebrow slowly raising to convey her bafflement.
  6. It was early, way early. A whole lot earlier than that she cared for.
    With a groan the blonde sat up and looked around in her room. Ugh, how in the world had she managed to get up this early? She glanced at the clock. Not worthy of remembering.
    Shaking her head Astra slid her feet over the side of the bed. Weird dreams. What was it about again?
    Slowly the memories of what the strange dream had been about seeped into her mind. What was that all about... danger, save the world? Weird.

    She got up, starting on brushing her hair right away. With a length like this, it took a good 10 to 15 minutes just to get all the tangles out of it, and was even worse when it was wet.
    A quick dab of make-up, and getting dressed was all that was left before she went outside. As weird and compelling as that dream had been, she had the nagging urge to go to that park after all.
    She hadn't eaten anything, yet, so she bought a sandwich from one of the stands near the park, before heading over.
    What she saw, was beyond what she really was prepared for. The figure of her dream was sitting there on a swing, and some other, no wait, two other people were right by her. One on the ground, and one properly standing there, talking.
    Taking the roundabout way, she observed first, before making her way over to the swing set, and figure out what this all meant.
  7. The sun begun to battle the shadows that roamed the very room of Kyler Botrnovik as a tea pot could be heard whistling throughout the house. His eyes fluttered open trying to avoid the sunlight, turning over on his bed a familiar face met his. It was his grandparents mutt named Alasin, but Kyler had no interest in the dog. He sighed and finally sat up in his bed putting on some slippers and walked around the mutt heading out his bedroom door. It was quiet despite the occasional clatter of plates, reaching the kitchen his Grandmother greeted him with a smile. "Oh dear, I have prepared some tea and crumpets. Want any sugar or honey for your tea hunny?" Kyler rubbed his hair as he stared at the freshly made crumpets. "Grandma, we are Germans not British men. But thanks, one cube and three tablespoons of honey." Even though Kyler didn't enjoy his grandmother making different foods that were not to what he normally ate, she always made it good to the point he would take a bite at least. He took a seat at a small round, white table that appeared to be very elegiant which was his Grandmother's "style" After he nibbled on the crumpets and had two cups of tea, he stretched while yawning as he stood up from his chair. "Dear what are you going to do today since it is the weekend?" His grandmother smiled at him. She always had a habit of calling him "Dear" but never his real name yet he never knew why. "I think I am just gonna go to a park and see who his out." His grandmother laughed softly as he headed back into his room to get dressed. The mutt was outside his door this time, it never left him annoy and Kyler. It was unusual to be so down to earth and modern with his tone but something about being at his grandparents made him rather depressed. He reached into his closet and grabbed a nice light blue polo shirt with a Germanic symbol on it and a pair of tan trousers. Upon getting dressed, he groomed himself and headed out the door as he said farewell to his Grandmother. The park was not far from Kyler, but today something was about to change. Reaching the park he noticed things were "Weird" as people were rushing past the swings apparently. Curious he walked up to the swingset. There was an odd girl just sitting there in clothes that were obvious she was not from around here. There were some other people there staring at here up close. "Well she is clearly not from around here." He said out loud. Suddenly Kyler stopped himself and thought for a moment. Wait a minuet. Kyler remember a dream he has just last night, about some calling and coincidentally it was at the central park. Could this be?

    Morning never started too early for Hannah as she enjoyed beating the sun as if it was a competitive game. If someone could do something, she could do it better was her mindset but beating the sun wasn't only because of this. Beating the sun was beneficial so she did not easily burn or get sick in the heat. Hannah was standing in her mirror brushing her wet hair as she finished showering not long ago. Each brush was done carefully. but as she brushed her hair she began to think. Last night she had an odd dream, something she couldn't exactly recall, but it almost seemed like it was a message of some sort. No matters, Hannah didn't take messages and shrugged her odd dream off. As she stood brushing her hair, the was a knock on the door. "My Lady, are you ready for your day?" Outside stood her butler that her parents hired for their daughters personal use. "Just a moment Nigel. I am in the process of perfecting my elegance." The butler waited patiently for Hannah to finish, once she stepped out her door she was dressed in a short frilly deep purple dress with her favorite rose choker. But Hannah did not wait for her butler and began to walk towards the front door, the butler followed. In his arms was an umbrella that was used to shield her from the sun and rain. "Nigel I demand we walk through the park today after our daily breakfast." Her butler seemed to have no expression in his but replied, "Yes My Lady." Hannah never see her parents anymore since they always seem to work, because of this her and the butler seem rather close despite his duties to be by her side 24/7. The sun was just slightly above the horizon as Nigel began to open up the umbrella but was stopped as Hannah raised her hand. "Let me face my enemy for just one moment." She stared down the sun as the walked to a bakery for breakfast, when a long moment passed she signaled for the umbrella to open but forgot that they were already at the bakery before they knew it. Once they entered they took a seat near the back away from the window as a clerk rushed up to them asking what they needed. "We will just have the usual I presume Miss Hannah?" Hannah nodded and the clerk rushed off getting them their food. A small discussion between the two took place but mostly was her complaining about the cruel sun and her parents. Their food shortly arrived as Hannah received a Fruit Tart and Nigel had a breakfast muffin. Seemed like hours before they finished their food and just like that they were off again. Her butler open the umbrella as soon as they stepped outside, Hannah was shielded from the sun's harmful rays. Upon reaching the park, Hannah noticed there was a crowd by the swingsets and became curious. "What are those nobodies up to?" Nigel sensed her curiosity as he led her to the swingset, but was stopped as they noticed an odd female. Everyone was staring at her and whispering, but Hannah did not like it. How was this girl getting more attention then her? Did she have to wear odd clothes too like the singer Lady Gaga, because she could do it better.
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  8. Laurent blinked his eyes as he stirred in his bed. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he mulled the dream over in his head. That was a summons, right? Becoming a protector and mentor for a girl, was what the requester had asked of him and no doubt several others. He stood and pulled a book of a nearby shelf, flipping through the pages. Stereotypical adventure starting cliche #36: Receiving a call for help from a maiden in distress. And….#478: Receiving a dream too real to be dismissed as a dream. Laurent sighed as he shut the book and replaced it onto the shelf. he looked wistfully at his computer screen as the theme song from the simulcast of one of his favorite new anime began playing, before pausing it. “May as well get a move on. I’m going to have words for this dream-girl.”

    A few minutes later he was on his way towards Central Park, walking briskly and weaving through the bustling crowds. He tugged on the strap of his bag which hung over his shoulder, maneuvering it so it hung more on his side. He preferred actual backpacks to sling bags, but his mother had insisted that sling bags were more in style. All he had gotten from it was sore shoulders. Laurent didn’t really care about style, but didn’t complain because he didn’t pay for it, and sling bags could be useful as a cosplay prop. However, he had to use it for now, since his old backpack had finally fallen apart after a long seven years of service. In it were a few things, a video camera and extra batteries, a notebook with several years worth of notes and doodles, and a binder filled with lines of dialogue and stage directions.

    Upon reaching the park, Laurent saw an odd figure sitting on a bench surrounded by a varied group of people, he made a beeline for the group, loudly exclaiming as he did so, “You! I have bone to pick with you!” Laurent wagged a finger in Odette’s direction. “What gives you the right to waltz around someone’s dreams like that? Not even an ‘We’re sorry to interrupting your regularly scheduled dreaming’ or anything. Because of that, I had to miss watching the new episodes the just came out. And now I can’t be the first to comment on them, and now I’ll actually have to read all the comments to make sure what I post isn’t a rehash of what someone else already posted. Do you know how hard it is to come up with relevant and original content?” He paused to take a breath before continuing, “And I know what you all are thinking, ‘Laurent if you were that concerned about watching your anime, you didn’t have to come.’ Of course I had to come, that was a summons. And ignoring a summons means that some unfortunate circumstance befalls you, you miss out on a magical adventure, or both. And speaking of summons, you need to be mindful of our schedules, you could have said something like, ‘Meet me in Central Park on this day at such-and-such time.’ Well, at least you were able to decide on a meeting place, but still what is the likelihood of everyone you contacted to all show up here at the same time without something like that? You can’t expect coincidence to conveniently round up everything for you!” Laurent stopped ranting, breathing heavily. While silent, he realized that he was in fact talking to a complete stranger. “Who are you anyway? And is the doormat over there yours?” Laurent indicated the prone form of the blue-haired boy on the grass. He looked around, making first impressions of the people who also happened to be in the group. Miss 1%, should her butler be considered a person or an extension of her? Next, blonde hair, blue eyes, male, looks a tad unsteady on his feat, hmmm...maybe Comic Relief? And there we have the Cool Beauty, dolled up and calculating. And then, a Normal Girl? Only one to try and strike up a conversation, did I interrupt her? Ah, whatever, I'll sort that out later. And a quiet guy, I can't place him in a stereotype without more information. What stereotype do I fill then, I wonder? I'll need to do some research and find that out. It was fine if no one understood his anger over missing his shows, and it was also fine if the people gathered here didn’t want to associate with him after this either. Laurent was used to such reactions. He had long since disregarded any notion of public image, and so was unembarrassed even though his outburst had occurred in a very public place. He also realized, belatedly, that his sudden outburst could be considered rude. He mentally made a note to apologize, later. Much later. Right now he was still a little incensed, and planned to stay that way for a bit longer. "Is this everyone you called for?"
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  9. Lucas gasped as he suddenly woke up. He looked around his new bedroom, while breathing unusually heavily. He did not remember anything after arriving in New York the previous day. All he could think of was the weird lucid dream he got that night. It showed the image of a woman, who wasn't from this world, judging by her hair colour and unusual outfit. If he recalled correctly, she was... calling him? 'Yes, that's right!' But he thought for a moment... Why would he be so concerned over a simple dream?

    He gave a glance over to the electric clock on the dresser right next to his fairly big bed. It was early, so he had some more time to sleep before he went for breakfast. But his stomach was growling. He felt as if he hadn't eaten anything for dinner the previous night. As a matter of fact, he still couldn't remember anything about yesterday except the flight. 'Well, who cares about that? Let's go eat! I'm starving!' He put on his slippers and fast-walked to the dining room.

    Unsurprisingly, his mother and father were up and patiently sitting on the table with a cup in each one's hand. The father was drinking coffee and the mother - mint tea. It smelled like currently-grilling sandwiches. Lucas couldn't wait till they got ready and just stood there by the door. 'Good morning, son.' 'Good morning, honey.' greeted him both his parents at almost the same time. 'The sandwiches will be done in a few minutes.' smiled his mother. 'Uh, mom, what happened yesterday after I fell asleep?' asked the young boy, scratching the side of his head. The lady's smile slightly changed into a fake one and answered '... You were sleeping the whole day, about 20+ hours for sure. We were really worried with your father, since you didn't wake up when we arrived. We took you to a couple of doctors that day, but they all said there was nothing wrong with your health and that you just needed some sleep. I'm just glad it was nothing serious!' and then she smiled for another time with a true but faint smile. Lucas looked down and wondered if that dream was the cause, but he highly doubted it.

    He then suddenly got a headache and out of the blue asked his father 'Where is Central Park?' The two parents looked confused and the dad said 'It's quite nearby actually. Why would you ask? If you want I can take you there after breakfast.' 'But I have to go now! (Ugh, I don't know why, but I feel the need to...) Someone is waiting for me there!' He looked serious. His father couldn't say 'no' to that expression, explained him where the boy's clothes are and described where to look for the park.

    Lucas nodded, returned to the kitchen after less than 5 minutes, dressed in his classy outfit; his hair was brushed in the usual matter - soft, but sticking out in a spiky-looking way at the left side. The sandwiches were ready, even folded in tissues by his mom. He took a few sandwiches; his father handed him a map of the city, an X at the location of their apartment and an O at the park. Lucas thanked them, put on his shoes and ran down the stairs of the block.

    He carefully followed the directions while munching on a freshly-grilled sandwich. For a moment he had forgotten why he was even heading towards Central Park. Until he saw her - a pink-haired girl, dressed in a very interesting outfit, surrounded by 10 more people. Lucas nearly dropped his sandwich because of the shock and quickly ran to the big company of people. He awkwardly laughed and asked those strangers 'Hehe... Am I late for the party?' while scratching the back of his head and holding the leftover of his last sandwich.
  10. It wasn't until a little while after breakfast that Kuro remembered her dream. It had been kind of a cool one, too. Like the intro for a fantasy game or something. Being asked to help save the world...that was exactly the kind of thing she always wanted to do. Unfortunately, she wasn't that fortunate. At least she had a million game protagonists she could play as to do that kind of stuff, though. It was the next best thing, right?


    "Klaus, I'm heading out today." Kuro put down the Gameboy she had in her hand on the coffee table and stood up from the sofa, turning toward the stairs to go get her bag from her room. It was just a small backpack, one she kept normal going-out stuff in like her travel games and a water bottle she would fill up before leaving. After running back down the stairs, she stopped in the kitchen to fill up said water bottle before turning back to the living room to pick up her Gameboy. Her brother poked his head out of his room. "Where are you going?"

    "I just want to get some air. Besides, I need to check if the store has my order yet. I don't want them to sell it again." She pulled her shoes on at the door before waving a "Bye" to Klaus and leaving. Once out, she headed straight for Central Park. If there actually was something there, like her gut feeling was telling her, then that would be cool. If not, she did have to stop by the store anyway. Maybe something would actually happen today.


    Mocha continued walking, not really watching where she was going until she heard someone shouting. She looked up, snapping out of her thoughts to see an odd gathering of people around some swings.
    Oh, I guess I did end up coming to the park...
    Curious, she continued over toward the swings, seeing two very oddly dressed people in the middle of the group. Standing a bit off to the side still, she couldn't help but think that the young lady in particular seemed very familiar.
    "Ah...What's going on over here?"
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