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  1. What the Girls See

    A strange bubble of some sort. It is swirling with color. There is no ground. No walls, no ceiling, yet it seems closed off. The image of a young lady, maybe 18 appears in a small orb that forms in the center.
    "Hello? Is this thing on? Honestly I don't even know sometimes... Ahem... Listen closely my dears. Your world is under siege by another. A world clad in shadow. This world has become corrupt by a force that wishes to see all worlds devoured by darkness. This force has already claimed many other worlds. It is impossible to stop it by any normal means, but with your help, we can stop it. I need you to fight with me. I need you to become Magical Girls! I must go, or they will know I am contacting you. For now be safe. I will be in the Central Park. For the sake of this world, and many others, please come."

    You awake the next morning to find yourself in bed.

    Now for the Guys

    A strange bubble of some sort. It is swirling with color. There is no ground. No walls, no ceiling, yet it seems closed off. The image of a young lady, maybe 18 appears in a small orb that forms in the center.

    "Hey! Don't you die on me now! Stupid crystal ball... I still have one more message to relay!... Oh! Its... On... Awkward... Ahem! You must listen closely. The fate of the world and many others rest in the hands of five girls(Subject for change) I must ask you to become the protector and mentor for these girls. They will save countless from endless despair, but they will be powerless without you. So please... Meet at the Central Park. I shall hope to see you there. For the sake of m-Crap! They found me! Come get so-"

    You awake the next morning to find yourself in bed.


    This will be a Magical Girl RP. NOT a Madoka RP. Any who have seen Madoka will know the difference. In any case, though this will conform more to a traditional magical girl style, there will be intense moments as well. However the focal point is the awkward moments between the Magical Girls and their fuzzy, non-contract making, partners.

    As stated in the above, the optimal number for me is five girls and five boys, but that is subject to change.

    Now i must inform you that there will be no Magical Boys. All guys in this rp will be fuzzy, and all girls will be Magical. Of course the Guys will be able to do some things. They will likely have some powers of their own(Of course more limited than the girls) and they can wield weapons given to them by Odette(You'll see) in order to protect their partners. Now here comes the fun part...
    CS Time!!!!! (open)

    Magical Girls

    Age: (No older than 18, no younger than 13)
    Appearance: (Pick or Description. No real pics!)
    Magical Girl Appearance: (Description or pic.)

    Personality: (A simple three sentence bit will suffice, or feel free to write a huge ten page essay)
    Greatest Personal Strength: (What is their best quality)
    Greatest Personal Weakness: (What is their worst quality.)

    History: (A one paragraph minimum*Paragraph= five sentences ^_^* back story. It can reveal everything or just a little. It's your call)

    Affinity: (What are their powers based on. Could be an element, or something more abstract like Form, or Thought. Preferably related to partners' in some way)
    Powers: (Be creative. Think of a few names for your moves. Make em flashy. I Like that. No more than 8, have at least 3)
    Weapon: (When not using a power, what does your character fight with?)
    Partner: (Who is their Fluffy Companion?)


    Age: (No older than 18, no younger than 13)
    Appearance: (Pick or Description. No real pics!)
    Fluffy Form: (Doesn't ACTUALLY have to be fluffy, but it has to look like an animal of some kind, and not like a giant bear. Maybe a cub. Or it can be fluffy.)

    Personality: (A simple three sentence bit will suffice, or feel free to write a huge ten page essay)
    Greatest Personal Strength: (What is their best quality)
    Greatest Personal Weakness: (What is their worst quality.)

    History: (A one paragraph minimum*Paragraph= five sentences ^_^* back story. It can reveal everything or just a little. It's your call)

    Affinity: (What are their powers based on. Could be an element, or something more abstract like Form, or Thought. Preferably the partners is related in some way)
    Powers: (Be creative. Think of a few names for your moves. Make em flashy. I Like that. No more than 5, have at least 1)
    Weapon: (When not in fluffy form, what do they fight with)
    Partner: (Who is their Magical Girl?)

    Important Edit! Odette shall officially become a character. I will be needing a partner for her. Who ever plays that partner will likely be co-gm since they will have a better understanding of the plot than anyone else.
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  2. I'll be working on a character soon :)
    Does Void count as an affinity? Or perhaps a power similar to Sailor Saturn's powers would be? Basically death/rebirth
  3. Kyler Botrnovik
    Name: Kyler Botrnovik
    Age: 15
    Kyler (open)
    Kyler is a scrawny young lad originating from Deutschland before he moved with his grandparents in the United States. He carries the Deutsch trait of bright, icy blue eyes and has short dirty blonde hair which can appear just brown at times. Generally wears polo shirts and jeans which he finds the most comfortable to him.
    Now Kyler has become a young golden falcon that is currently only shoulder pearchable as if a small crow. Though it's body size is still small, Kyler's wingspans can reach up to 74 centimetres (Shoulder Length) . It has golden tipped feathers along with a half golden head and blood orange talons. After the transformation, if he is back in a human form he will have traces of feathers and more of a narrow shaped eyes with a darker blue surrounded by yellow iris.

    Fluffy Form: Young Falcon

    Personality: Kyler is a shy lad when it comes to new people, but when he becomes comfortable with someone he is upbeat with a smile. He has moments where he will phase out during a conversation usually because something caught his attention or he got bored. His parents taught him to be respectful to his elders and treat ladies kindly. With this lesson learned his will try his best to impress or please any girl even if he has no feelings for them. Even though Kyler seems like a happy person, he has periods of sadness from being homesick and tends to be unstable with emotions if he becomes offended. Kyler has a Deutsche accent but speak English quiet well. When he doesn't know a word he will look at the other person almost confused.

    Greatest Personal Strength: Being his natural human personality, he is great with pleasing or cheering up others unlike himself. During his change as a young falcon he still carries that great personality but is best at scouting for numerous things like a hideaway or people.

    Greatest Personal Weakness: Kyler has issues with staying balanced on his own two feet as a human and animal form when he's landed. Kyler may also struggle with providing accurate information due to his Deutsche accent and feeble mind. When something may be green he may accidentally say blue due to the accent.

    History: Kyler Botrnovik came from Brandenburg, Deutschland (Germany) originally staying with his parents. His father, Charles, was a bird trainer for the public as they owned a Bird Keeping Sanctuary that held numbers of species. Kyler's favorite was the Amur Falcon that was considered his father's sacred treasure. But at the age of thirteen his parents went down a financial disaster losing almost everything. Worried about their own son, they have asked Kyler's grandparents to take care of him. During his stay in the United States he has made only a few friends but plenty for him. But Kyler grew homesick quickly as he missed his parents and the birds of the sanctuary, until he made a few small friends that were commonly spotted on his grandparents bird feeder. Though this was only a small step curing homesickness as Kyler had a long way to go. He spends his times reading and birdwatching when he's not in school studying.

    Affinity: Element/Air Thought/Home
    *Thinking about home helps him fight through some scary situations and make it out through the end.

    Wind Tunnel- Can blow away small to medium sized creatures away a short distance. (Generally 4 Feet. Further depending on current emotion.)

    Synced Flow- If Kyler and his Partner is mentally synced, he is able to have them fly with him if they are unable to as long as he's touching them. He is also able transfer what he sees to them if seperated. Synced Flow can be dangerous if at any moment the flow broke due to distractions specifically if in air.

    Piercing Wave- Kyler can screech loudly to scare away small animals or deafen opponents.

    Burning Air- Kyler's talons engulfs in a light green flame that prove to be deadly when made contact with.

    Weapon: Blunt Weapons, Sword if Acquired in the Future

    Partner: (Open)

    ~Expect Changes when there is a Partner~
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  4. Name: Astraeha Arissa
    Age: almost 18
    Appearance: Astra had long, hip length light blonde, wavy hair which she just as often as not, has tied up in a ponytail or half tied to the back. Her eyes are bright, emerald green with bits of gold shimmering in them. She has a sharp, strong face. Her skintone is light, though not pale-ish white.
    Standing 5'6" tall and weighing 121 pounds she has a fairly thin build.
    In general life she wears either dresses or, simple jeans with a cute top.
    Magical Girl Appearance: Her main colors are black and white. Short, fingerless, lace, black gloves*. A white short skirt and bustier with a black belt. Her heels are black and a black and a white ribbon together hold back the top part of her hair. She has a black shawl flowing around her. As a final touch she has a black choker with a white diamondshaped gem in the middle.
    Personality: Caring. She does have the tendency to be either over caring or strict on those around her, though she never means it with ill intent.
    But do not anger her or harm her comrads and friends or she will show what is behind the caring mask.
    She prefers to keep to herself as much as she can, which makes it difficult to make friends, but she makes up for it by being a wonderful listener in any scenario. Be it for a friend that has relationship problems, or orders on how to go into the next battle the best.
    Greatest Personal Strength: Good listener. She'll pick up on tiny things that could be crucial info later on.
    Greatest Personal Weakness: Making friends. Being a very quiet type doesn't make it easy to convey how you feel.

    History: Astra grew up abroad, in England. She was an only child, and the only grandchild her grandparents had till her parents got a new baby when Astraeha was 10. From that moment her entire world changed, and her parents suddenly didn't have time for her anymore. Everything in the household seemed to revolve around the new little boy and even her grandparents seemed to want to spend more time with the youngster than their eldest.
    This gave a big impact on Astra. Dispite the lack of attention from her family, she still tried to remain as kind as she could, only venting off her frustrations when she was alone.
    At the age of 17 Anaïse decided to go to (wherever this is set) to live out her childhood dream of going there some day.
    Luckely her parents agreed, and helped her set up a basic living for herself.

    Affinity: Void/Death
    - Silent Wall - This is a defense power, creating a forcefield around her and whoever is close by. Can not be projected onto others.
    - Death Scream - A high shrieking sound, only affects one target at a time.
    - Silent Grave - A headstone pops up from the ground and will suck in the closest person or being into it. To kill the opponent they would need to break the headstone, but that isn't part of the power.
    - Hollow Reaper - A horizontal cut is made in the air leaving a black line which is sent towards the opponent. The farther it travels the weaker it becomes, only reaching 5 meter at most.
    - Silenced Shadow - A healing ability. Not an actual healing ability, it just brings the other person's wounds onto her body in a minor form.
    - Haunting Absolution - Similar to Hollow Reaper, but consists of a horizontal and vertical cut, forming a cross. It's stronger than the other but if done without enough strength and training etc, it'll kill her.
    - Death Touch - This will allow her to touch an opponent and kill them instantly. However, tricky part, Astra will die as well. It is unknown if there is any way to bring her back as she will avoid using this as long as she can.
    (- Hack 'n Slash -
    Not an actual power, just what she does if anyone gets too close to her weapon)
    Weapon: A Scythe
    Partner: *Open position*
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  5. Name: Erik Leeland
    Age: 16
    Appearance (open)


    Personality: Most people like Erik. He helps people when they need it and he understands people pretty well. Because of this, he is often most people's go to guy when they need help. He likes helping people, yes. But it is exhausting when five people come to you to vent everyday. Each has their own problems, each go to he same person. He never shows it but he would love a day where no one came to him for anything.
    Greatest Personal Strength: Erik often puts others first. This can work against him as well, but it is an over all good trait... to an extent
    Greatest Personal Weakness: Under no circumstances does Erik allow his exhaustion show through. This can be bad for both his physical and mental health. He feels his burden is his own to bear.

    Bio: Erik was an only child. He and his mother lived alone, as his father passed away in a car accident before he was born. This hit his mother hard, and she is still troubled by it today, leaving Erik to try to cheer her up when she thinks about it.

    Affinity: Connection(How everything connects, and works together)
    • Full Analysis: Erik can "scan" an item, or enemy to get a better understanding of them. To do this he connects with them, or it on a mental, and spiritual level. However stronger enemies, can weaken this by rejecting him, and some may even be able to take control, if they are powerful enough
    • Full Takeover: By connecting with an inanimate object, or VERY weak willed organism, Erik can gain control of it. However, this means he is controlling two forms, so if he seperates these objects from himself, he has a hard time keeping track of everything. He will generally stick to the object in this case.
    • Com-Way: Erik can make a link between the other party members allowing them to speak to each other at longer distances.
    *Fun Fact! When Erik uses a power he creates an almost holographic control panel in front of him. However this is not electrical in any way, and is his psyche and spirit manifesting itself elsewhere.

    Weapon: Lance
    Partner: Currently Pending


    Name: Odette
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Appearance (open)

    "Hey guys! I was the one from your dreams, remember? 'Course you do. How could anyone forget a face like mine?"

    Personality: Odette seems very carefree, and playful(though slightly Narcissistic). She often tries to make a bleak situation seem lighthearted. However she often doesn't take things as seriously as she should, often leaving her ill prepared for many situations.
    Greatest Personal Strength: Odette's positive attitude is a good influence usually, leading to higher moral.
    Greatest Personal Weakness: Odette hates seeing thing the way they really are when things look bad. Often she lies to herself about them when they are bad. Because of this, she is never fully prepared for the worst of anything.

    History: Odette came from a
    separate world. Just before it was taken away her and her life long friend (Insert Partner's Name Here) were given power to dispel the darkness that had consumed their land. However she alone could not do this. She required help. That help was found on another world. Earth. She arrived not much later, and searched for those who would help. It has been a month now, and she has found the only ones who are able to help. Fortunately, they all live in the same town. But she did not arrive alone. The Shadows followed as well. They seek her out to stop her for calling for help.

    Affinity: Dream
    • Real-Boot: Odette can make her dreams become real, allowing her to send objects she imagines into the real world, for a moment. However the larger the object, and the longer it is out the harder it is for Odette to maintain it. Example, she summons a mech from her dreams, and she can use it, however it is so large that she would be drained in a minute at best. (For those who catch the reference, I was having a hard time coming up with a name so yeah...)
    • Day Dream: Odette can create illusions visible to whoever she wants. However if the target realizes, the illusion will disperse immediately.
    • Dream Scape: This allows Odette to create a separate universe, allowing her to give them the advantage. Yet her powers are very limited, as she needs to be fully concentrated to do this, leaving her vulnerable. This space is penetrable from the outside if one can find a 'gap' or a link to the real world to the dream scape. Any damage inflicted here stays in the real world
    • Dream Manipulation: In a dream realm, Odette has total control.
    • Nightmare: In any traumatic event, Odette is subject to the possibility to use this power. She looses control and her emotion and fight or flight instincts take over. Her powers become nigh limitless, but she is a danger to everyone and anyone.
    Weapon: Staff
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  6. Is this still open for new characters?
  7. Cool! I'll get a CS up as soon as possible. Would a magical girl or a partner be more preferred of me? I can probably play as either.
  8. Currently we have One Girl and two guys. Gender ration matters, but its too early to tell how many are going to participate. Make whatever you feel like. Multiple characters can be created if needed
  9. BTW Olissa I say first.
  10. Got it :) I'll edit out the other one when I'm back home
  11. Edited the character sheet to have the first option and her definite history.
  12. I'm in the process of making a magical girl CS. I'll post it as soon as it's done. (hopefully today if all goes according to plan)
  13. I have an potential CS for a male character, if that would be alright. I'll try to post it up later tonight.
  14. Yeah! People! I would like to meet my previously mentioned five girls and five guys, but four of each works well too.

    EDIT! Odette shall now be a legitimate character. Anyone who wishes to make a second character feel free to, but please do not partner with your self. That being said, Odette will need a Partner officially. Anyone interested in the position pm me as you will be told more about the plot.
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  15. Lina Orvel (open)
    Name: Lina Orvel

    Age: 14

    With medium brown hair, and eyes to match, Lina's appearance is plain and underwhelming. She is only 5'1" and weighs 108 lbs. She keeps her hair short but just long enough to put it in a ponytail when playing sports. Most girls in her grade have reached puberty already and therefore have developed chests. However, though she's already gone through puberty, Lina's chest is still barely there, to the point that some people joke that she's concave. Being a bit of a tomboy, she usually wears baggy jean shorts or pants and simple shirts, though the shirts are tailored for female bodies. When it's cold out, she will wear baggy sweatshirts. When it's full out winter, she wears a blue jacket that is one of the more feminine-looking articles of clothing she has.

    Magical Girl Appearance:
    It is literal magic what happens to Lina's appearance. Her hair grows long enough to almost touch the ground and turns a medium blue. Her outfit is mostly sea green and white, with accents of gray and black. Her eyes turn a sea green color to match her outfit. Her hair is tied into pigtails which seem to never be in her way no matter how she moves.

    Lina is a social girl and enjoys talking with people about almost anything. She likes to make jokes to get people laugh. Usually they're atrocious, consisting of lame puns, but sometimes she comes up with good ones. She is generally cheerful, but downright scary when in competitive mode. Due to her boyish body type, Lina has gotten bullied by some of her classmates. She's usually good about not letting the comments get to her, but if someone continues to pester her, she will sometimes fight back. Being more of a tomboy, she tries to hide her more girly feelings and desires, but they sometimes slip through, commonly in the form of squeals of delight at seeing something cute. Lina has a bit of a superiority complex, believing she is morally better than some of her unruly classmates and friends. This isn't because she's religious, but because her mother instilled in her a strong sense morals. Her mother also taught Lina the importance of proper etiquette, so she may be a tomboy, but she's a polite tomboy...unless she's in competitive mode. In which case, expect some insults to fly.

    Greatest Personal Strength:
    Lina is very social and enjoys seeking people out to talk with. Luckily, along with this social behavior, she has been graced with the ability to tell when people want to be alone, or just don't want to talk. She also has a thick skin, and doesn't let people's insults and bullying get to her as long as they don't persist.

    Greatest Personal Weakness:
    Lina's competitive nature tends to push people away. Her smack talk can be quite insulting at times, and she is the epitome of a sore loser. Her superiority complex doesn't push others away, but instead causes her to avoid people who don't fit with her morals. This usually includes people who do drugs, illegally drink, steal, and the like. If Lina hears about someone doing such activities, she will instantly begin to avoid said person, even if they were close friends before.

    Born in the *United States, Lina was the youngest of two daughters. Her parents had wanted a boy, so subconsciously Lina found herself leaning towards a more tomboyish lifestyle. Lina sought to find something her father and her could do together, and tried out all kinds of sports. However, her throwing and kicking abilities were downright abysmal, so baseball, soccer, and football were out. She wasn't the best runner either, so track and field was a no-go. Lina found she could shoot hoops well enough, and she had a pretty good swing, so the three sports she took up were basketball, tennis, and golf. She would play with her father most weekends, doing everything she could to make him proud.

    Lina also got into video games and would play them on rainy days. These games were actually what she used to bond with her mother, who liked simple games like Jumpman and Plukmin. Another hobby she took up was swimming, giving Lina and her mother another thing they could do together. During the weekdays of summer, when her father was busy at work, Lina would usually go to the pool to swim with her mother. Near the end of middle school, her mother suggested that Lina become a licensed lifeguard since Lina always seemed to be at the pool anyway. Lina has read up on it and is preparing to take the course when she's old enough.

    Lina's sister, Karen, had been an okay sister growing up. Being two years older than Lina, Karen would sometimes bully her and steal her things. However, Karen wasn't all bad, and she at least set a good example at school. This changed when Lina's sister entered high school. Karen began to act out, do poorly in school, and would constantly state that Lina was an embarrassment. Karen began sneaking out at night and was even caught stealing. Lina lost all respect for her sister, and vowed that she would never become like Karen. It was around this time that she gained her superiority complex, and Lina began to actively avoided any people or situations that might turn her into her sister. She works hard to keep her grades up and has done fine so far. However, Lina worries that she won't be able to balance academics and sports now that she has started high school.

    *If that's where this rp is taking place.​

    Affinity: Water/Foam

    Frothy Foam: Not wanting her enemy to be better than her, Lina covers one opponent in a thick foam, slowing its movements.

    Seaside Skewer: Letting her competitive rage fuel her, Lina runs towards an enemy and stabs it, immobilizing the enemy, but in turn immobilizing herself.

    Mermaid Movement: In water, Lina's legs turn into a mermaid tail, allowing her to swim faster and more dexterously.

    Paramedical Puddle: Proof that she does have a sense of teamwork, Lina can create a healing puddle underneath herself or an ally. The target must be on the ground and stationary for the move to work.

    Lina Liquid Laser: One of Lina's special attacks, water pumps out of the palm of her hand at enemies. Its power can cause enemies to collide with another if they are in line with each other, but has a chance of friendly fire.

    Orbiting Oceanic Orbs: Another of Lina's special attacks, she creates four orbs of water the size of her torso that spin around her. They act as offensive shields, hitting enemies if they are in melee range and knocking them back. She cannot shoot them.

    Tearful Temper Tantrum: Lina's ultimate attack. If the party is losing bad enough, Lina will start bawling in anger and frustration. Every time a tear falls to the ground, a small circle will randomly form underneath either friend or foe. If it appears under an ally, said ally will be healed. If it appears under an enemy, a geyser forms and gushes scolding hot water at said enemy from below.​

    Weapon: A longsword she wields with two hands. She swings it like a golf club when aiming at an enemy to the left. She swings it like a bat when aiming at an enemy on the right.

    *Interesting Fact: Lina writes, eats, and swings baseball bats with her left hand. She throws, shoots basketballs, and swings golf clubs with her right. She's ambidextrous with a tennis racket (though the way she swings the racket is similar to the way she swings her longsword)​

    Partner: Laurent Redenbacher - The Sarcastic Otaku Penguin
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  16. So far all are accepted.
  17. I'll get my CS up tomorrow, then.
  18. Its cool. Also coming up with effective dream powers is HARD...
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