I'm Partners... With a Magical Girl!?!

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  1. GM: Reanimator Bob | Co-GMs: Kitsune, ScarletNova
    It is late in the night, all are sleeping soundly, dreaming away. But suddenly, whether one was not dreaming, or dreaming of something else, a new image materializes. They are standing in a strange colorful sphere(mostly pink) all alone. Suddenly, the image of a young girl, maybe 15 years old(though incredibly short for her age) begins to materialize.

    "H-Hello?... Um... Hi, uh, is this thing even on? I've never contacted this many people before... Oh! Ahem... Greetings young human boy! My name is Sonia! I'm from a far away land, which has been overtaken by an evil entity... Hate now rules my world... So that's why I am contacting you. Because we can't take her on alone! We need you! But also, your world needs you too. She will not rest until the universe is consumed by Hate. But there is still Hope. I need to meet you all as soon as I can, so please! Meet me at Central Park right now, as soon as you can! Huh! I need to go so please, Hurr-"

    They are suddenly awoken to find themselves still in bed. It is a few hours until sunrise, and whoever that girl was seems to be in desperate need of help. You know what you need to do. But what you don't know is...

    In I'm Partners... With a Magical Girl?! 6 Boys (The Partners) and 6 Girls (The Magical Girls) will gain magic powers called, Aspects of Love. The Girls are referred to as the Aspects, while The Boys are called Sources. They are trying to defeat a mysterious entity only known as "Hate." The only way to defeat "Hate" is for the Aspects of Love: Passion, Empathy, Understanding, Joy, Stability, and Hope, to all work together.

    Anyone interested?​
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  2. I'm super excited for this.

    Reserving: Magical girl of Passion (fire).
  3. I will be Reserving Magical Girl Hope (Dream)
  4. Popping in to tell everyone that I'll be reserving the Source Hope.
  5. I'm up for this. Not reserving anything so I'll take any left over male roles or requests.
  6. Glad to hear it. If you have any question about anything go ahead and ask
  7. I'd like to reserve the Passion Source. I have the perfect idea for it lol.
  8. Can I think on it first? It sounds really interesting >w<
  9. This sounds rad. I'd like to reserve the Stability Source.
  10. I've made up my mind! Can I grab the magical girl of Understanding please?
  11. That would be my partner! Yay, I get a Source!
  12. Is it just me or are there seven aspects to choose from? Either way, I'm interested, though I'm not entirely too sure who to claim yet.
  13. You're not wrong, now that I count. @Reanimator Bob check numbers!
  14. Sorry that was a Grammatical error! It should be the Six Aspects of Love: Passion Empathy etc...
  15. Out of curiosity, what would the age range of the characters be? High-school?
  16. The characters are gonna be 14-18
  17. Alright, so high school-ish. Either way I'd be down, just wanted to see what was up.

    I'll be taking a male role, probably on the older end of the age-spectrum (so 17-18)
  18. Do each aspect have a color to go with them?
  19. We didn't talk about any specifics but I was going to use Red for Passion (Fire) anyway. So, they could I guess.
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