I'm one year old today.

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  1. It's hard to believe that a year has passed already.

    I came to this site on October 20th, 2011. At the time, I was jaded and cynical about roleplaying forums, having shuffled around from site to site for a decade-long roleplaying career. There were too many politics, too much elitism, or too few partners who seemed to click with my playing style no matter where I turned. I would cyclically return to Gaia, always hoping that this time would be different and always eventually left with a sense of disconnection and disappointment. In between I kept to IMs and private documents, with the few long-time partners still free from the coils of Real Life that were left to me, and that was that. It was during one of those noncommittal Gaia phases that it happened.

    My brother wanted to get back into forum roleplay. He was going through a rough spot in his life, and he wanted to vent that in a creative outlet. The idea of using Gaia didn't appeal to him (and I couldn't blame him), and so he requested that I help him find a different forum for us to play on together, since I had far more experience with RP forums than he did. I poked around at a few sites, both old and new, and Iwaku was one of them.

    I expected to play around for a few months until my brother got bored. I didn't expect to fall in love.

    The community of Iwaku immediately struck me. Never before had I been on a site where an administrator gave personal, informal greetings in newbie introduction threads. Not only was this lady admin friendly and outgoing, but when I asked her to roleplay, she kidnapped me for plotting and playing that very night. I got sucked right away into the Cbox crowd, joking around with Rory, Fel, Jinx, Ocha, Peter, Elyd, Dawn, and Fluffy. I dove into a dozen or so roleplays, blown away by the sheer amount of creativity and talent I could see in the writers of Iwaku. The response to my first group roleplay, Penumbra, was overwhelming. That first month set the tone for the rest of the year, at least as far as my experience with the site would go.

    I joined this site because I thought my brother needed it. I didn't realize how much I needed it.

    To truly explain why, I have to go back further than this past year, all the way to January 2010. I was living in an apartment with my brother, going to college as a pre-nursing student, and dating a girl named Liz (my high school sweetheart and then girlfriend of five years). My brother and I were barely speaking. One night, out with friends, I got a phone call from him. He asked if I was on my way home, because he needed to talk about something. That was all he said, but somehow I knew with utmost certainty that someone I loved was dead.

    I was right. A day or two prior, my childhood friend and best friend in high school had committed suicide in his barracks. He was a Marine. He was a wonderful man. He took me on my first date. He was essentially family. I had not spoken to him for a year because we'd fallen out of touch. I had just been telling my friends how much I wished he would pick up a damn phone, earlier that evening. He was about to leave the service. He was engaged. I will never know why he did it.

    I lost my job, flunked out of school, and the rift between my brother and I worsened. The latter was particularly painful because he and I have always been especially close, and this was the first time we ever truly fought. By early summer, I had moved back in with my parents, leaving me to start over with no friends nearby and my relationship with my girlfriend (long on the rocks already) now long-distance. Shortly after I moved, too, my grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. By October, even having been here a few months, I was feeling isolated and uneasy with the people around me. Iwaku was a breath of fresh air.

    I was made Staff in early December, about a month and a half after I joined the site. Being on Staff has been a BLAST. I started the Roleplay Academy, and it became everything I could have hoped for. I got to work with a team of brilliant people who are dedicated to and love this community as much or more than I do. I kicked off the Monthly Masquerades. I got to see the AMAZING event that was the Donation Live Drive. I helped nudge a few people to apply, as well, and I've been proud to see them do a fine job as moderators. I've seen a year's worth of good and bad on this site and I can truthfully say that this community is fantastic.

    Two events marred January for me. First was the long-time-coming and yet somehow still so abrupt end of my relationship with Liz. The second was my grandmother's succumbing to her cancer.

    And that was when Vay came along and turned what could have been a very dark time into the happiest months of my life. I had sworn off long-distance relationships, and yet somehow, I found myself head-over-heels for a man in Thailand. Fate is funny like that. By February we were an item- an item that was being gross and mushy all over the forum because we simply couldn't help ourselves.

    The year has had its ups and downs. Real life pressures, romantic entanglements, and a bit of forum drama have hit everyone. But through it all, Iwaku remains. The people I have come to know and care for remain.

    Jinx and Kitti, the first two people I really talked to on the forum. Jinx, my true bromance, who is always good for a bit of spontaneous Cbox silliness, and Kitti, my fellow Secretary and my Cbox princess. My someday-drinking-buddy and the dude who got me to download Skype, and the girl who first learned I was not a studly man via webcam chat.

    Jack Shade, my dear friend, whose writing inspires me and whom I can have endless debates with. The man who somehow managed to get my phone number out of me when we'd barely spoken, and who is responsible for putting me over my limit on texts. He was there for me when my grandmother died, and he is infuriatingly good at pissing me off in the way that only the best of friends can.

    Diana and Ocha, two brilliant ladies and some of my favorite RP partners, whom I was fortunate enough to spend a weekend with (along with Gibs, one very cool dude, and the charming Bellas). They are both responsible for keeping me sane during my breakup with Vay, and I don't know what I'd do without them. Diana, a BRILLIANT admin, who always gives me the best bunnies and whom I have a star-crossed RP relationship with, and who is a terrible influence when it comes to addicting Facebook games. Ocha, who very well might be bait for my muse, who chose me to fill her shoes as Staff Secretary and is my darling Iwaku wife.

    Tribs, my doll friend and pretty-man friend and dinosaur friend. It is eerie sometimes how much he and I have in common. He gave me some very good advice when I was in dire need of it, and I swear to god I will get him for one-on-one RP again someday. And of course with Tribs comes Kehv, awesome Cbox dragon.

    Grumpy, an awesome bloke whose RP plots are laced with Ozziebait-crack. Every time he starts a game, it's a struggle not to immediately get involved. He is one of the finest writers on the site, and I have nothing but good to say about playing and working with him.

    Asmo and Tegan, who proved to me that true love is out there. Asmo, who cares so much for this site, and whose writing at times gives me goosebumps.

    Revi, my other fellow Secretary, who brought so many wonderful ideas with her to the forum and whom I have spent many long hours chatting away with over Skype.

    Cammy, who is an angel for putting up with me in our one-on-ones, and is the cutest little Cammyanimal ever.

    Dawn, my apparently fated RP love interest. There's another Masquerade coming up, Dawners. I will see you there.

    Elyd, a classy lady who ought to get into some more roleplays, and who has impeccable taste in oldschool shoujo manga.

    Selenite. I know she won't read this, but I miss her dearly and I hope that one day she comes back to us. She and I were of a wavelength, and I miss sharing dreams.

    Orion, my movie-watching buddy. He's got a great sense of humor, and our multitude of common interests make for great conversations. If only he could post in Asylum without getting me involved! (Just kidding, Orion.)

    Myrn, one of the few people on my cuddling-approved list and the guy who bought me Dungeon Defenders so I could play with him. Some of my fondest memories of the forum revolve around game-time with Myrn. When you visit the States, Myrn, I AM GOING TO HUG YOU SO HARD.

    Karsikan. Creepy commentary aside, dude, you make me laugh.

    Rory, who I have the absolute best Skype conversations with, and who is one of the greatest minds on the forum.

    Ceru, my protege, who will one day be the ultimate guru of smut.

    Zen, who is an amazing artist as well as roleplayer. She helped make what would have been an otherwise very lonely birthday awesome, and I will never forget Qwentessa blowing her brains out in the Pirate Month Masquerade.

    Peter, gone but not forgotten, who showed me pressure points to cure my migraines, and Fluffy, whose poetry is absolutely phenomenal.

    Davion, whom I can nerd the fuck out with over tabletop games, and who stalks me with his oppressive love.

    Staci, my little sister. She was in Penumbra way back when, and she still brings a smile to my face every time we talk.

    Ceddy, my little brother, whose relationship with me confounds everyone aware of it. I can't explain it; you have to be there.

    October, Lovely, Seiji, Zypher, Iliana, Fel, Celeste, Layne, Des, Tetsuri, Juku, and Hirohashi. I've worked with all of you on Staff, even if only briefly.

    Faulkner and Cosmic, both of whom I have only recently come to talk to, but am enjoying the hell out of getting to know.

    Vay. My best friend and forever-buddy and permanent go-GM. I love you.

    And countless other members who have touched my life, briefly or otherwise. You guys are what have made my year. This community is a special place for many, a refuge. Treasure it, treat it well, and it will remain that way for many more.

    Thank you guys.

    It's been a hell of a ride.

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  2. One hell of a ride indeed. If I had known half if what you would bring I would have pushed you out of an airlock on the spot.

    If I have known the other half I would have nailed your feet to the floor and forbidden you from leaving.

    You balance out closer to the latter. I love you too.

  4. It's been an amazing year. Thank you for coming, thank you for staying and thank you for being an awesome friend! Too many many more years!
  5. You've lasted longer than many, that's for sure.
  6. By the time we get done, I will show YOU one hell of a ride.
  7. ​Happy Birthday.=^_^=
  8. Thanks for making me cry. D:<

  9. Yes Ozzie! Thank you for making me cry! I've been crying for almost five minutes dammit.

    Happy Iwaku Birthday you mushy-brained Ozziepants.

    Oh heeeey. I've got a one-on-one plot you just might like. ^~

    May the next year of Iwaku be filled with dinosaurs and dolls and cute kissing people! :3
  10. May the next year be even better than the first, and may there always be more ups than downs.
    You've been a fabulous friend and a dedicated secretary friend. I appreciate your input, and I'll always think of you as a studly prince.
    Happy Iwaku Birthday!
  11. You're an awesome person, Ozzie. Easily one of my best friends here at Iwaku. Your poetry is beautiful, too. It truly is! And, I will let Peter know that you're grateful for his all powerful hippie magic. ;3
    *loves and gives Ozzie her own lightsaber as a gift!* You've earned it.

    Edit: Also, thanks a lot for making me cry... It's just hormones, I swear. *sniffles stubbornly and turns away*
  12. That made me smile.

    Thanks for the welcome, I've been here just over a week and it already feels like I've always been here. happy birthday
  13. ^^ *HUGS!*

    i love you too! X3

    And one day, one day, Danny will get his/her ass plundered.
  14. Thank you for adding your own little bit of awesome to this site...and for making me think you were a dude when I first met you <3

    I'll try to be there for the masq, lover Osso-kun :3
  15. You make me sound far more awesome than I actually am.

    It's been a good year indeed, Oz; cheers for sticking around, and I look forward to what the next year brings.
  16. -Points at the title.- For a 12 month old infant your english is pretty good.

    Guud jerb making it through all that! ^^

    More movietimes for us to come!
  18. Q -Q

    That was beautiful.
    And so mushy.
    Like a peach in the hot sun.