I'm obviously new...

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  1. And I don't really know what I'm doing. Anyway, hello.
    I'm here because my friend is also a member of this site... and I've decided to give it a try.

    So... that's it. Hopefully I'll spend a good amount of time on this site.
  2. Hello! Ok, let's get down to business! Can I call you Sam?!
  3. Yay. Ok, so what's the personalities that your character's you often play?
  4. The opposite of yours.
    Mature, calm, responsible, and quiet unless provoked.
    Some are more hotheaded than others.
  5. I see I see, very interesting.

    What are your favorite genres of RP? Do you prefer action over romance? Horror over Fairy Tales? Sci-fi over Historical?
  6. I work best with action. For romance, I prefer to be subtle and hinting.
    I do like fairy tales and horror equally. I've never tried sci-fi or historical and I doubt I'd work well with those genres.
  7. You've done Inuyasha! That's... sort of historical.. then again, you're a bit slow on that one. XD For romance, I'm more lovey dovey and corny with it. .___.

    Would you ever do a Mature RP? By Mature, I mean a sexual one. o.o
  8. I'm only slow with that because I feel like it's going no where. xD And I know you're lovey dovey... just not with me. D:
    I doubt I'd do a mature RP.
  9. I could be lovey dovey with you! But it'd have to be in an RP... >> I'm not too great with it in normal chatting. XD AND IT WAS GOING SOMEWHERE WITH ME AND BANKOTSU! I WAS NAKED IN A LAKE AND HE HAD MY CLOTHES!

    Would you ever want to do an RP where Itachi, Hiei, and Katsura were fighting for you?
  10. We shall see how that goes... >_>

    That would be a terrible idea. D: Katsura would get beat up on... and I don't want them fighting. D<
  11. Hi new person who has a friend stalking you already! O___O Welcome to the community.

    Also, I love your avatar. XD
    -salutes politely.-
    o ^o

  13. I shall call you Ra-Su-y! >_> Dont ask why xD Welcome to Iwaku! Enjoy your stay!

    {Ps. My name is Rina! -waves-}
  14. Hi and welcome to Iwaku!
    I hope that you're finding your way round all right~
    I'm Kitti and it's good to meet you.

    If you need help or have questions, please ask!
  15. I like this interview style of getting to know you! We're really getting to know you and your RP preferences. :D Welcome to Iwaku, Cmd. Karasu! Hope you're finding your way around all right.