I'm Not Your Prince Charming [1x1]

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  1. Name: Tyler Seever
    Age: 16
    Likes: Videogames (mostly pc), RWBY, Fire, Sarcasm, His leather jacket, Math, Tech work, guns, swords
    Dislikes: Overly Emotional People, Boredom
    Personality: (Find out as the rp develops~ ;) )
    History: He's always had bad blood with his dad. Tyler is the type who doesn't take other peoples shit, especially not his parents. One day his dad was tired of it and walked in with a gun to scare Tyler into obeying his grounding instead of doing what he wanted anyways. Tyler wrestled with him for a moment and got the gun pointing at the ceiling rather than at him then the gun went off. Thankfully nobody got hurt. But ever since then their relationshio just went south

    It was afterschool, nothing out of the ordinary. Alex was probably drifting around the school and making up excuses to why she wasn't obeying the rules of being outside by a 3:30. William was probably gone, school let out at 3:00 and like clockwork exactly thirty minutes later the senior was gone. Tristan was no doubt walking around with his girlfriend Ashley outside in the cold, talking about love and snuggling- topics Tyler would rather die than be involved in. Diamond was definitley in the library with Devan and CJ, in order they were playing TERA, Minecraft and BTD4- All things Tyler didn't care for. Tyler had options to go hang out with any of these people, he didn't feel like it. He was happier in the cafeteria (breaking the rules of being in the building past 3:30 without a teacher but nobody ever cared. The cafeteria was a hangout for all the misfits) on his laptop playing some MMORPG he'd just downloaded.

    He looked up by chance, and saw the freshman that had been recently adopted into the group he floated with. If asked about him Tyler pretended to forget his name to prove how much he just didn't care. But it wasn't true, Tyler cared. He just made damn sure nobody else knew.

    He pushed back some of his blonde hair behind his ear. Diamond said his hair looked like a young Justin Beiber. Tyler gave zero shits. Truthfully this time too.

    He looked up again from his game, wondering what the freshman was doing. Tyler knew there were no clubs on a tuesday. If there were Tyler would be far away from whatever load of crap was going on.
    He was curious, but refused to greet the man, that'd require paying less attention to his game.​
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  2. (I can't see your picture)


    Name: Shade Leveque

    Age: 16

    Likes: Music || Martial arts || Quiet || Reading || Dark colors ||

    Dislikes: School || Assholes || Boredom || Sport || Girls cause their damn annoying ||

    Personality: He should not be judged by his appearance. He might be small but he had long since decided that he doesn't take shit from other people. He's outspoken, stubborn and hot heated and a trained martial artist, even so he isn't cruel for his own pleasure.

    History: Shade never really speaks to anyone about his past, people have tried to find out but only get silence to their question. Anyone can see the pain flash in his eyes but can't get him to form words of it. All he can do is say that its nothing then disappear from school for the rest of the day.


    Shade had no interest in anythinh what so ever at this school, he was smart enough to just skip a few grades but what the hell for, his dad would just send him off to medical school in anyway. He had no say in so he might as well get used to it. He looked back down from the window at his phone not really knowing what he was doing on it, but listen to music.

    He turned the volume louder trying block everything out, not that there was much noise then his eyed caught the other's looking at him. He never really spoke to the guy cause he never seemed interested in anything but his laptop and jacket. Shade let a small laugh slip past his lips as he realized what the other wanted him to do...greet first..no way.
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