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Im not wordy enough for this site!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Welp.shit1993, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. im the king of one-liners and i just checked out a few rp's and i dont belong at all:sad::cry::sad:*goes to sulk in emo corner*
  2. You'll learn! You can sign up for a mentor [the link to which I do not have and would be hard to find using my phone >.>]. A mentor can help you develop your roleplaying skills. ^^ -pets- Is kay~
  3. but ive been doing one liners for 6 years XD. they iz my babiez
  4. Time for change is now. As a follower of Flux I must say you cannot stick in the ways of old. Why are you so attached to one liners?
  5. because im an inherantly lazy person...and they please me :D
  6. This is the link for the Roleplay Academy.
    Here, you can request a mentor to help you with aspects that you are unfamiliar with or would like someone's assistance improving upon.
  7. im gonna miss my mentally deficient one-liner babiez T.T
  8. Welcome to the site, sir I'm October, nice to meet you. Let us know if you need help finding anything.

    I always say, it's not the length of the post, it's the depth of the words! Sometimes it can be hard to properly respond to a post in just a couple lines.
  9. aahhh....jc why is your name october milk in spanish?

    If you -really- love one liners and don't have the time/patience for paragraph posting, then you might enjoy Chat RPing more than forum. >:3 You could kidnap partners and set up chat rp nights! Chat RPs are quick paced and usually should only be a couple sentences.