I'm not saying I want an rp about aliens but...

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    yes i just did that dont judge me
  2. If you're willing to do two RPs with me. What kind of alien? Smutty like the genie one we're doing, or more plot-based?
  3. lol hopefully we can force a plot into the genie one soonish XD but a healthy mix of smut and plot
  4. Well, for the genie one, we can pick up on plot as soon as Drake stops screwing Sasha. (Don't let that be soon ;-) )

    And I was just wondering if it was some sort of reproduction alien or something more serious. I was asking what ideas you had in mind.
  5. hmmm last one i played about aliens i was a human space pirate turned slave sooo...maybe that since ur mine in the other? :P
  6. Hmm...okay. Some sort of technology or alien power turned you into a slave, or is it just a prisoner sort of thing? I kind of like the idea of the alien exuding some time of control over the human. And are you going for male again?
  7. yeah i can only properly do a straight guy x.x

    anyway from what i remember it was a slave auction or something and my character was sold
  8. Hmm...perhaps he gets sold to the owner of an all-woman alien tribe. He becomes her property, but he must serve all of the women. And perhaps they have some sort of alien drug to make him physically able to handle all of them.
  9. okaiii so like alien amazons in a sense but hornier?
  10. That was sort of what I was going for, yeah.
  11. lol lets do it! C:
  12. Okay. You want to start? You can set the scene for this auction or however you're going to do it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.