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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Tegan, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. well I restarted the game (I do that cause I hate going back to a game and having no clue what I was doing) so right now I'm still building the unlock everything and carry shit perks XD
    But I only have like two more levels before I can unlock everything so then I'll focus on weapon skills to kill everything :P
  2. John

    He zipped up his hoodie, put on his hood and drew up his mask. He lead her to the building. He pulled up the schematics on his phone and started studying them. "Hmmm."
  3. Hmm.....I have the same ...hmm...issue. Mainly with skyrim. Its part of the reason why I re-do my mods so much. Not only because I dislike starting a save where I am not sure what the hell is going on, but also because I am not sure what I 'added' to the game due to mods. Not to mention possible updates....
  4. Ah, yea. I may get that in the future, just not this year.

    Mmm...anyways I did not post today, but I should get some posts tomorrow done. :)
  5. “Didn’t i? Sorry.”
  6. “I would prefer a girl. Or someone girl like, like Lucy.” Lyra said innocently.
  7. Lucius followed closely behind.
  8. "I don't think so. I think it taught him to be calmer."
  9. “Some we’re grown from seeds. Others were moved here.” Anya pick up a water can and started watering the sapling carefully.
  10. “Hmm..”
  11. “Yeah, big brother taught me to control my flames using this method.” Anya gently touch the sapling, a warm red glow on her fingers. The sapling grew a little with that.
  12. “I asked him if all our flames could do was destroy things. That’s when he taught me to use it to grow things.” Anya smile fondly at the plants, “Papa use to think he was weak. But his heart was the better one among all our sibilings.”
  13. Demi | Helen's Room

    Interactions: Helen @KatSea

    Her Sunshine. Her Angel. Me, Helen actually thinks of me like that? I...I'm sorry, but I'm finding that shit so fucking hard to believe right now. I'm flattered that she sees me that way and just, so fucking happy too, but it's far from the truth. She only thinks that way now, but wait until I lose my temper around her. Wait until I hurt someone or my selfishness rears it's ugly head again. Then she'll realize what kind of person I truly am.

    Just the thought of it makes breathing even harder, but I tune in on Helen's words to help. Breathe, Demi. Breathe goddammit. You're probably worrying Chipmunk sick, the least you can do is get your fucking body under control and stop putting all of this on her. My exhales eventually even out (sort of) and I look at Cotton Ball tiredly as she protests the idea of going back to sleep. There's so much determination in her eyes; if the situation had been different, I'd be filled with pride right now. However, the guilt is overshadowing that. My bottom lip trembles as she wipes my tears away.

    Fucking shit...I don't deserve her. I don't deserve anyone to care about me like this.

    "O-okay," I whimper and immediately wince at how weak and pathetic I sound. Whimper? When was the last time I've done that?

    "You before me. I owe you that much," Helen says. As soon as those words leave her, my eyes fill with tears again, though this time they fall silently. I shake my head, pulling even more out of the embrace and cradle my arms.

    "You don't owe me anything. Especially not your fucking peace of mind, Chipmunk." Wrong. It feels so completely and utterly wrong to hear her say that. The thought of anything to do with Chipmunk coming before me...I feel sick. I'm not worth it. I swear I'm fucking not. Suddenly feeling the most vulnerable I've been in years, I shakily lock eyes with her.

    "A-at least relax, alright? I...If you want me to feel better, at least do that." My vision strays to the floor. "You being happy is what helps. I...I know that sounds weird and creepy as fuck, but it's true. So..."

    I hesitantly lean forward the cup the back of her head before pressing a brief kiss to her forehead. It was basically a silent thank you, one that my entire being just couldn't handle saying for some strange fucking reason. I pull back and let her go.

    "Uh..." I shake off the awkwardness tugging at my lungs and force out, "Thanks. Ya know, for comforting me and stuff. I promise it won't happen again," while you're around, I finish mentally.

  14. N A V I G A T O R

    Crew Member

    Full name: Uluro Vin'Salhoum
    Alias/Nicknames: "U", which works better outside of galactic standard.
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race/Breed: Ku'Rhom
    Birth Date: 2687
    Age: 43
    Last Known Residence: Reseach Vessel Cheeekrrrreeessssteeesh
    Crew Position: Navigator
    Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): Rhomso Party Loyalist

    Visual Identification
    Height: 8'7"
    Build: Izkahshi slender, with wiry limbs and a toned core.
    Eye Color: Maroon
    Hair Color: Absent
    Skin Tone/Color: Cobalt with Amethyst accents
    Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: The Izkah affects everyone differently, but certain patterns remain. Uluro has lost all hairs, sensation in skin of his thighs, and muscle density.
    Description: With the long, pointed ears of Ku'rhom natives, the tall spindly body emphasized by viral effects, and features too drawn and lined for one of his age. Image for approximation

    Sexuality/Preference: Straight
    Allies: Rhomso Party (high government spending towards Izkah cure) , Keliho Exploration Company / tbd
    Enemies: The Auric Society Party (Embrace physical degeneration and traditionalist psyonics / tbd
    Likes: Psyonic Theatre, Manifestation Artwork, Taasi cuisine, quiet early mornings, handwritten things.
    Dislikes: Naki spoken tongue, high humidity, poorly maintained equipment, unskilled pilots
    Hobbies: Calligraphy, Shared dreams

    Raised with a deep respect for Ku'rhom culture, Uluro has a distinct identity tied to heritage and law. He is disciplined, with a dry wit and a profound spiritual awe of the universe and her structure. Capable of both a hollow detachment and deep empathy, Uluro is quick to weigh and judge the character of those he meets. This is especially true of those incapable of Psyonics, a sort of blindness he pities. He carries a certain arrogance in himself and his people, seeing their struggles and achievements as uniquely honorable among all sentient species. Knowledge can be suffering, and Uluro knows the Izkah has robbed him of health and life.

    ► Weapons:
    • Plasma Accelerator Pistol (Slagbox - A handheld weapon that fires superheated non-magnetic projectiles at short range. Nicknamed for the heat it generates and its cornered barrel. Low kickback, high lethality, expensive, earth origin with Ku'rhom modified grip.)
    • Latching shock grenades (An Image targeted thrown weapon designed to spin and self correct it's trajectory before grasping onto a target to deliver electric shock)
    • Wrist mounted laser cutter

    ► Combat Attire: Impact dampening skin-suit, non-metallic full body protection with spinal reinforcing and good maneuverability.
    ► Accessories/Miscellaneous: Uluro carries a diamond pendant that serves as a sort of dog-tag. He also owns a Shell-carved face mask and a collection of Nanofiber robes and undergarments of Zydrosi make. Naturally, he has a cache of palliative medications in case of virus flare up.

    Fighting Style
    ➣ [General/Preferred Style]:
    Hit and Run - Uluro's psyonic abilities used to evade and outmaneuver hostiles, preferring powerful short range projectile weapons to disable or dismantle targets. He is not fast, or powerful, and his body is not capable of strenuous activities. In combat his necessary strategy is to end things quickly and with as much finality as possible.
    ➣ [Weapon of Choice]: Slagbox
    ➣ [Special Abilities/Affinities]: As a Psyonic, Uluro is sensitive to violent intent. Often he can sense danger before action is taken.

    Psionic Path
    Path of : Aru'Vinsade
    ☆ [ability 1]: Dowsing - Visualization through Umbra gives directions in three dimensional space
    ☆ [ability 2]: Phasing - Fade into subspace to pass through physical barriers and evade harm. Limited mass transfer to 2x body mass.
    ☆ [ability 3]: Teleportation - The psychic malleability of subspace can be lent towards instant switching of positions in material space. Limited mass transfer to 1.5x body mass.

    Relationship Status: Unattached
    Family: A brother and sister who he hasn't seen in years. On special occasions he sends and receives messages from them.
    Known Languages: Ku'rhom Standard, Zydrosi Standard, Galactic Standard
    Personal History/Background:

    Growing up, he studied traditionally Psyonics and Physical Sciences in parallel. He has astrological knowledge, as well as a deep understanding of interstellar transit and trade, and the mechanics of subspace travel. As a student of the Au'Vinsade, Uluro committed himself to mental development and attunement of his being to the void outside of time. He was confronted with a clash of ideologies, namely between factions of Ku'rhom society that debate the meaning of the Izkah virus. Scientific minds seek a cure that seems forever out of reach. Spiritual leaders seek a harmony that tolerates the sickness as a reminder that the physical is subordinate to the mental. While finding Psyonics a core pillar of his identity, he cannot accept being sick forever or a philosophy that tells others not to seek a cure.

    While schooling he became an active member of the Rhomso Party. He shares their dream of curing the Izkah virus and bringing an end to the suffering of all afflicted. It may be too late for the split destinies of the Quai and the Ku'rhom to be healed, but Uluro believes that a cure would offer freedom to both peoples, and perhaps a reunification.

    A skilled graduate of the Au'Vinsade and Galactic Navigator schooling, Uluro has plied his trade as a navigator to vessels and corporations for a decade. For two years he studied cosmic interference outside a quasar observation station managed by Zydrosi. He served as a navigator aboard a fringe-mapping vessel on the edge of Orsen space. Most recently, he was Navigator to a CreksChessteek Noble Delegate's ship in continued relay between Herata IV and her trade partners.

  15. @KatSea and @Tealous The Official IC opened Friday afternoon. It is now approaching Monday, and I have yet to see a post from either of you. If life is getting in the way, just let me know. But if you can spare the time, please get something up soon. So far, my character Clo and VengefulPeanut's character Allie are leaving the Market Square. However, JJ's character Lysander and my characters Liddo, Jofie, Pyphreos, Shilia, and the Priests are still there. Feel free to interact with any of them.

    Most importantly,

    Stay gucci.
  16. Anya walks Lucius to a different section of the greenhouse, it was sealed off and inside is like a complete tundra. “Papa was in this realm once where everything was just snow and ice but it had beautiful plants everywhere. He brought some of the seeds back as a souvenir.”
  17. Lucius was completely unaffected by the colder temperatures. "Is this a greenhouse or a biodome?"
  18. “I think that’s the name of it. How do you know?”
  19. Alexander wrapped both his arms around Alena’s waist and pulled her close as he kissed her neck* “sounds like you’ll have to count on your siblings to help anya.”
  20. So hows the posts coming? :3