I'm Not New To Iwaku, But new account C:

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  1. Title says it all :3

    But to help restart, I'm going to post my resume here :3 If anyone is interested in a roleplay can message me or reply to this forum <3


    [h=5]Roleplayer's Resume[/h]<dl><dt id="profilefield_title_7" class="aboutme_left">Kidnappable?[​IMG]</dt><dd id="profilefield_value_7" class="aboutme_right">Invite me to roleplays!</dd></dl><dl><dt id="profilefield_title_8" class="aboutme_left">I am Seeking[​IMG]</dt><dd id="profilefield_value_8" class="aboutme_right">One on One Roleplays</dd></dl><dl><dt id="profilefield_title_9" class="aboutme_left">Playing Habits[​IMG]</dt><dd id="profilefield_value_9" class="aboutme_right">I'll respond ASAP; lately I've been busy with studies, school, and such.</dd></dl><dl><dt id="profilefield_title_10" class="aboutme_left">Gender You Prefer Playing[​IMG]</dt><dd id="profilefield_value_10" class="aboutme_right">Female</dd></dl><dl><dt id="profilefield_title_11" class="aboutme_left">Favorite Genres[​IMG]</dt><dd id="profilefield_value_11" class="aboutme_right">ANYTHING THAT IS NOT IN MY GENRE I DON'T LIKE</dd></dl><dl><dt id="profilefield_title_12" class="aboutme_left">Genre You DON'T Like[​IMG]</dt><dd id="profilefield_value_12" class="aboutme_right">Yaoi</dd></dl><dl><dt id="profilefield_title_13" class="aboutme_left">Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive[​IMG]</dt><dd id="profilefield_value_13" class="aboutme_right">I like to do a mixture of both passive and aggressive. <3</dd></dl><dl><dt id="profilefield_title_14" class="aboutme_left">Plot Candies[​IMG]</dt><dd id="profilefield_value_14" class="aboutme_right">Cats, Insanity, Yuri, Blood and Gore, Teasing,I have an obsession with torturing my own characters. XD Neko x Master relationships. I also enjoy doing bloody fights. I also like 'forbidden love' and I believe in opposites attracting. I prefer mature over normal. Horror is a big one. C: I like to put psychology in there.
    I do
    Angel x Devil
    Master x Pet
    Scientist x Experiment
    Queen x Maid
    Evil Queen x Good Queen
    Laid Back x Drama Queen
    Insane vs. Insane
    Good vs. Evil (angel, Queens, etc.)
    Insane vs. Sane</dd></dl><dl><dt id="profilefield_title_15" class="aboutme_left">Character Stereotypes[​IMG]</dt><dd id="profilefield_value_15" class="aboutme_right">NEKO, The 'Independent' Loner, The Girl with a Tragic Past, Queen of Drama, Happy-Go-Lucky, The 'Emotionless' Girl who doesn't care about anything, The Insane Giggly Psycho, The Girl Who Never Stops Crying, The Solitary Nerd, Pseudo Punk, The Cannibal, The School Girl, Expierment.</dd></dl><dl><dt id="profilefield_title_16" class="aboutme_left">Character No-Gos[​IMG]</dt><dd id="profilefield_value_16" class="aboutme_right">Girl Next Door, The 'Sporty' Gal, The Bitch
  2. Hey Soppy! Got your accounts merged for you. :3