I'm not new, just making a return:)

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  1. Jep, I'm not dead nor have I abandoned Iwaku I just went on a long and unplanned hiatus:), a lot happened at once with work, our dogs, personal problems and my dad getting sick. I feel terrible having just dropped off the grid without notifying my rp partners, I hate it when people just vanish without telling me so I'm very sorry to those I wrote with for just vanishing:sad:. I planned to log in earlier this summer but things kept coming up and I kept forgetting to do it, my memory sucks btw(got hit in the head too much;).

    Now that I'm back I can finally get back to Rp-ing again, get my creative juices flowing hopefully, I'm gonna try to keep the number of rp's down however, try at least:D

  2. Welcome back to the forum. I hope to see your creativity flourish here.
  3. välkommen tillbaka ^^
    Har själv varit borta lite från och till de senaste månaderna x3
    Stupid life that gets in the way! >_<

    Släng dig in i en massa rollspel nu, och skriv tills din hjärna inte kan tänka mera x3

    Am I mean because I write in a language that only two people on iwaku can understand? xD
  4. Bara liteXD, men när hela forumet är på engelska kan vi gott sprida lite annars väldigt okänd Svenska.

    Här ska skrivas så tangentbordet brinner;), har inte haft mycket tid att skriva i sommar, varken rp eller eget.

    @ Daniella; Thanks:)