I'm not just a space case, but a casual writer!

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  1. Hi everyone, as you can see, im StarDust! I'm just starting in my 8th month of official forum RPing, and i was told about this site from a friend. while ive been RPing for less then a year, ive been writing for over 5 years. at a mere 19 years of age ive only managed to complete one less then stellar story(not published obviously). ive got two in a the making and one fanfic in progress as well. and even though i speak lowly of my first story, im quite proud of it. As of now i also hav 14 original characters, so i hope you have fun getting to know them all!

    ANYWAY! im glad to be here, and i hope you all like the ideas i throw out for RPS! i love making new friends so i hope we can get along!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Stardust. All your RP needs will be met here, for reals!

    Let us know if you need anything.
  3. I think there is a movie called Stardust that my friend Crystal made me watch... it wasn't a bad movie at all.

    Welcome to Iwaku! :D
  4. Hiya StarDust!

    You picked a good site to join, because Iwaku is quite friendly and welcoming of people.

    By the way you are now the fourth person I have ever met on the internet that lives in the same state as me. I'll have to reign in my eagerness to meet internet people around you now. Haha.
  5. Thanks everyone! and Super Cat, very nice to meet you! our state is a mighty fine one!
  6. Oh god, I'm a space case - my head is always in the clouds on stories and on characters. With my girlfriend alone I have too many to count xD
    But being new this sight as well I just wanted to welcome you and eish you luck on you're writing, I think its easy to forget how we all started and branched out to rally enjoy writing and I hope you never forget the feeling of growth and fun!
    So open your imagination, and have fun here!