I'm Not Going to Stop Asking

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  1. Watched Sword Art Online episode 10.

    Now I am more determined than ever to have an RP based around its universe. With OCs, of course.
    But, due to the lack of interest displayed by you lot, I'm going to say this.
    If you don;t want to do things with swords, I will turn Aincrad from a fantasy MMO, to an online FPS.
    Details? Oh, we can work those out later.
    Need info on the series?
    Google is your friend. Alternatively, ask me.

    I know I said I was unavailable before.
    But a few people left me and didn't have the courtesy to say they weren't interested any more.
    So I'm available, but for this only.
  2. Hmm...if you don't mind I would like to give either a try. I'm a quick learner so I should catch on quite quickly.
  3. I'm extremely interested. I found SOA on crunchyroll by chance a week back, and I fell in love. This is totally something I can see myself getting into.

    Just like the game is described as having an "unlimited amount of skills", there are an unlimited amount of RP possibilities.

    This sounds awesome, and you should totally hit me up with a PM.