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After reading a few of these new comer posts, it has become clear to me that this is part of the resume of a good role player on this site. It is unfortunate for me to say, but I have little to no experience role playing online outside of MMOs and various other types of video games. Without further experience and/or study, I cannot give you an account of my preferences or my role-playing history in a way that is useful to the other users.

I can say that I am a very big fan of RPGs, both electronic and tabletop, and I am affair author with a straightforward and articulate style.

Given a bit of tme I can create detailed worlds, intimate characters, and I can convey actions both mundane and fantastic. Also, I can demonstrate each of my previously listed skills in as few lines as needed.

I do my best to be original, and i do not plagiarize. I will always do my best to accept criticism and the views of others. However, I do not appreciate bigotry or being talked down to.

The bruising of my ego aside, I must also admit that I have more experience being the soul author or leader in my role playing or other types of interactive storytelling, but I am very flexible and I do my best to get along with others; for now, i welcome writers both new and experienced.

I know I will have to adapt. My usual writing style is more technical than your typical user, often using strong vocabulary and contextual clues to "paint a picture", rather than stating outright exactly what is going on. Obviously, in terms of role playing, my usual writing style is unneeded, and I know that sometimes in order to get a point across a simple explanation is better than a full description.

Like I said I know this isn't how you do this intro thread, but this is pretty much all that I can say for this site. I know a lot of my views are more conservative than some, and there are some subjects I would rather not cover. Don't belittle my views, or my knowledge on things that I have researched thoroughly and I'll do my best to respond sooner. I'll do my best to take constructive criticism no matter how much it hurts my ego in the end.

Optimistically, I've developed some skill as a writer and I'm ready to rock.
Pessimistically, I'm not a moron - don't be a prick.
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Oh, Azuma-Senpai. Leave it to you to make an opening statement such as this. Very memorable. People here, in general are very kind, and helpful. If you have an issue, the Admins are more than happy to rectify any wrongs. I hope you'll grow to love it here as much as some of us do, but if not I understand.

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A warm welcome to the site, Azuma~ It's good to have you here, and as Luvable said, the community is very welcoming, so there's no need to worry about people trying to bash. But, on the offhand chance that they do, you can file a report using the 'report a member' function under the 'useful links' column at the bottom of the page.

Anyways, I hope you find some roleplays that tickle your fancy! If you ever have any questions(or just generally need a helping hand), just holler. ^_^
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oh shit
Welcome to the site and all that jazz. ( - u - ) Based on your intro, you'll blend in fine and probably grab quick attentions from other roleplayers, maybe some on the advanced side. The flowery/detailed context is very much appreciated by many and even emphasized by some. However, I have to be blunt since I don't usually do the whole greeting jizz, but I saw your username and found myself intrigued. Have you ever tried roleplaying on a social network? Like twitter? A few years back I knew a wild bro who used the same name for his charrie with the complimenting formal chitchat you do.
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