I'm no good when it comes to planning.

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  1. I have problems with planning out a roleplay, I have ideas that I want to do and then we spent the entire roleplay planning and then it doesn't go anywhere and then I get upset. I go for anything when it comes to roleplaying and don't really like planning and they say, oh message me when you have an idea, and sometimes they don't come back.

    so how do you get through it?
  2. I'm a more aggressive player (I like planning ways the story could go and things that could happen) but I have had some very passive (more similar to you) partners in the past, so I can maybe still offer some advice.

    • Communicate! Sometimes roleplays die because the players styles are too different. You can determine if this is the case by telling your partner right away that you don't like the planning part of roleplay (you may need to explain differently if they don't understand what you mean by 'planning.' For example, you could say 'I don't enjoy coming up with plot twists or imagining the story's future').
    • Use a generator! The reason we aggressive players love to plan so much is that if the story comes to a standstill (there's nothing for the characters to do) we have lots of ideas saved to get it moving again! Planning is important to a roleplay's survival, whether both players do it or not. You can skip the hard part of planning by using a random generator for ideas! Here's my personal fave, you can google for more:
    • Be responsive in the IC. There's more to keeping a roleplay going than planning: make sure that your in character posts actively respond to what's going on in the story, and include something in each post for the other character(s) to respond to as well! Think of it like a sword fight; it's important not only to parry (respond to the other person) but launch some strikes of your own as well!
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  3. o.o I think the problem is that you're planning too much. Roleplays can be unpredictable and there's no telling where things can go. Planning is nice and all, but I think it's also important to remember to be flexible. Things going in a different direction than you thought is to be expected. And the further you try to plan ahead, the more likely it is that things won't happen the way you imagined or that things will be in a completely different place than where you thought you'd be -- sort of like real life. :P So I think it's important to remember that the future plans you imagine in your head are more like possibilities than anything else. An RP isn't like writing a book -- it changes depending on where the writers want to take it. There generally isn't a set ending. Because of this, it's probably better to keep your mind open and not be so rigid about what you want to see. Otherwise, yeah, you're bound to be upset about it.

    And like Minibit said -- communication. Generally, if there's something I really want to see happen, and it's near enough in the future that it would be plausible to make it work? All I have to do is send a few PM's to the right people and it isn't hard to make it work. :P If you're planning something but people don't know about it then, well, you can't expect them to be mind-readers. o.o The RP could go in a thousand different directions based on the choices the players make, and just hoping that things go in the direction you want isn't a very good strategy. Generally, though, the tiny things that create a butterfly effect to send the RP in a completely different direction are things that the RPer in question wasn't even thinking about when they posted it -- and, therefore, it's a lot easier to avoid things spinning out of control when the other players actually know what you want to do. That way, it's easy for them to take the tiny steps that they need to set these things up.

    But, again, I wouldn't try so hard to plan things that are way off in the distance. There's no way you could get all those details right, and controlling every detail up until that point probably wouldn't be as fun. o.o Things that are closer to you, though? Yeah, it's fairly easy to make those happen if you just let people know about it.
  4. @Kaga-kun & @Minibit

    thank you very much for the advice, I put on my search that I might need a bit of time or help to plan out rps.