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  1. Hello -she smiles- my name is Shina Mimori and i am a Neko -she bows- i am new to Iwaku but not a new role player i love to role play -she smiles again- i am here to make new friends and hopefully make really best friends -she bows- please accept me
  2. *bows back*Well I don't know about everone ells but I accept You Shina *smiles* I hope you enjoy it here and if you are looking for a friend I am willing to be one.
  3. Welcome! :3
  4. She is a Neko Q~Q Welcome to Iwaku -takes her with meh through wall-
  5. Eeee Hello! Welcome to Iwaku!
  6. Haalloooo Shina! Welcome to Iwaku!
  7. -she smiles- Thank you Ichigo and I hope we can become good friends also -she hugs him-
  8. *hugs back kindly*Sure any time
  9. -she smiles at everyone too- thank you all for welcoming me -she bows again- I am truly happy -she starts crying tears of joy-
  10. -she blushes and smiles-
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  11. -she smiles and giggles letting him lead her- you're also a Neko I take it? -she asked-
  12. -Nods. throwing fist in air- I am! ^-^
  13. Welcome to the madness xD. Please enjoy your stay .

    Tiger power!! Rawwrr ~ * rides her huge Tiger above the forum *
  14. -she laughs her laugh is a hypnotic laugh- you are so funny Shiro-kun
  15. I am so funny... -sucks on lolipop to break hypnosis- Yum. ^-^
  16. *Waves*Hello!I am Domeki Welcome To Iwaku! *gives flower*
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  17. -she waves back smiling- its an honor to meet you Domeki-kun -she see's the flowers and takes them smelling them- hmmmm -she looks at him and smiles- thank you
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  18. -she smiles at him- you catch on quick Shiro-kun -she giggles-