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Z Chaos "Ze" Nexulisviel Z

Right so, I'm getting used to how this site operates and all that stoof. WELP! As the name states, I'm not to this site. xD However, I'm not new to roleplay... Not, exactly, anyway. >.> I've been roleplaying for roughly two years now. Chaos here is my main character and one that I adore above all others. Had her a few months after I started roleplaying! She'll probably be used for most roleplays and such, but I can come up with others if needed!

Feel free to ask me for a roleplay sometime and I'll try my best with any and all roleplays I get involved in.~

Also, I'm kinda new to forum stuff so I'll probably need help with that kind of stuff... A part from that, I can manage! Probably... Hopefully.
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