I'm New, rp?

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  1. Hello people:), as you can see in the title of the thread 'I'm new!' so please tell me anything about this site that I should know. Of course I'm not new to rping at all, I rp everyday but there might be a few things that are different from the other site I use.
    At the moment I am looking for an rp I can join so please don't hesitate to advertise me a few please:)
  2. If you're looking for something you can just join right off the bat, you should give the Jump-In section a try. It's a pretty good place to get some easy writing action in and whatnot. That aside, welcome to Iwaku.
  3. Hi! Welcome to Iwaku~ As Kijin said, JumpIns are great for getting into things right off the bat. You can also make use of the Global Signups & Plot List. It's a nifty little collection of all the, you guessed it, signups of all the currently/about to be active roleplays. :)
  4. Thank you very much! xD I'll try that out then:)
  5. Will you be my minion?
  6. O.o hm... what are the cons and pros of being your minion xD
  7. Well hello there, Lonalove! Welcome to the community! <3 Be careful of those wanting minions, we they like to eat people! O_O
  8. O.O Oh no... that seems like a problem lol >.< thank you for the warning lol
  9. Nonsense! I thought I cleared up the fact that I don't consume the flesh! D:

    For your information there are many appealing things about being my minion.
    First off, you will have my company in exploring and interacting with this fantastic place!
    You will have the honor of a good spanking any time you do something out of line!
    The line is... Easy.
    You and I will commence Operation Newbud, where we will approach all newcomers with savage generosity in order to take them into our fruitless cause.
    You will receive many great jokes, invitationals to otherwise destitute events, rope, 10cents a month, a free set of rags and chains, as well as your own stable pen complete with hay for a discounted rate of 9 cents a month.
    No health care.
    You will have access to otherworldly knowledge.
    And there will be bountiful pizza parties on the reg.
    Many more perks to be had- but you'll have to find out!

    As for the cons, I can't think of any.
  10. Lol that sounds a bit nice... hmm... I'm not really the 'follow' type >.<
  11. Then enslave me. It's the only other option.
  12. O.o how am I supposed to enslave someone? >.<