I'm new, Obviously.

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  1. Hi Everyones! I'm Swifty and I'm OBVIOUSLY new to Iwaku. So yeah..Give me all of your attentions. Do it. DO IT NAO!!!!! =)
  2. Yesss, it's working. I've allready got T.K. Buahahaha. >.>!
  3. Hey guys. Sorry I'm not in here before. My alerts were a bit screwy before, and are now entirely nonexistent now that I turned them off. I guess I'm just going to stop in here manually whenever I come in.
  4. Think I'm going to leave my post as a WIP. Need to know where you think I should start her off at: leaving the hospital, or still trapped there?

    If he's going to be a guard, then it'd be better for me to start in the hospital. However, with his creed forcing him to speak in rhyme, he'll have to be a man of few words in order to avoid being diagnosed with a disorder himself.

    Instead, I think he should be someone who tries to wake Natalia up from the inside. If his intent is helping Natalia realize her power, then he should be around in a guise that doesn't make him look like the opposition. Remember the house illusion when she went to the Fae Realm? She's terrified of the orderlies. She'd probably connect more with a fellow patient. His power to bend reality could put him on the records easily.