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So I was wandering if anyone would like to one on one with me. Im not to RP but I love to write and I think I will be pretty good at it once i get the hang of it. Im really into the Paranormal Genera so I would prefer to start there. I would prefer to play a girl. I actually created a charater I would like to try out. She is a Demon and totally kicks ass. Here is a little bio of her. Let me know if you are interested.

Name: Sapphire
Mortal Age: 27
Demon Age: 50
Gender: F
Kin: orphan
Death: Sometime in the near future I'm sure.
Mortal Appearence: http://abookandashortlatte.files.wordpre...
Demon Appearence:
Personality: Im a firecracker. Very sarcastic, and proud of it. I will always get the better of you in an argument. I've been to hell and back (literally) and can take anything you dish out. Have some what of a soft side. I dont like to see something bad happen to someone that doesnt deserve it, inspite of being a demon. I was born like this, but am always fighting a war inside myself. I want to be a good person, it just isnt in my genes.

Tetsuri Tokai

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​This sounds interesting. I'll give it a shot. ^___^