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    Roleplay Resume
    Open to Invites?:
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    • One[x]One Roleplays
    • Chat Roleplays
    • Mature Roleplays
    • Not Taking RP Invites at this Time
    Are you accepting new roleplay invites? What kind of roleplays are you looking for?

    Playing Habits:
    often available

    Gender You Prefer Playing:
    • Male
    • Female
    • I play both Genders equally.
    What gender do you play most often or prefer to play?

    Favorite Genres:adventure,fantasy,action,drama,modren

    Genre You DON'T Like: magical,violance,
    Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive: both

    Plot Candies:

    Character Stereotypes:
    the loyal servent,insane person,innocent person, odd stranger,snobby person, dramatic person,

    Character No-Gos:
    mature content roles,
    Random Notes:
    Anything you think you should add or that Game Masters or other players should know!

    Scene Sample:
    OPTIONAL. An example of how you would typically post in a roleplay. Just a way to show your playing style.

    Roleplay Resume [MATURE]
    Do You Participate in Mature Roleplay?:
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    Do you do smutty roleplays? Selecting YES on this option will display your Mature Resume details in your Roleplay Resume. If you do not do Mature Roleplays, then ignore the fields in this section.

    You Prefer Your Partner Plays:
    • Both
    • Male
    • Female
    The gender you prefer your PARTNER to play.

    Nature of Characters:
    Dominant, submissive, insane ,kind,obsessed,strange

    Playing Style:
    Roleplay Scene Wishlist:

    adventure, action, moderen,medieval
  1. Welcome, Kayuma!

    Hope you enjoy your time here.
  2. Hey!;) welcome here.. Enjoy your stay please have some Oreo biscuits xD

    If you'd be interested you can check out the jump in section RP ;)

    You said you don't take invite right now? .. Me and my friend have a RP going on and we need some people..( mature area/ just because of the swearing nothing else ) feel free to pop in.

    Have a good day ^^
  3. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  4. Greetings Kayuma, I hope you are enjoying yourself here at Iwaku and welcome :)
  5. Welcome home.
  6. thank you