I'm new here

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by senpai, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. I'm familiar with roleplaying and stuff but it's my first time using this website. Hope we can all get along with each other c:
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  2. Hey there, Senpai! Welcome to Iwaku! We're all a bunch of awesome people who would be more than happy to get along with you and share some truly awesome roleplays with you! If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask - we'd love to help you out!
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  3. Hello Senpai o___o who..is..not my senpai but probably someone's senpai. Welcome to Iwaku! :D
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  4. Ohhhh! I hope senpai notices me today!!!

    Don't ask me why, but I've always wanted to say that, and this was just too perfect an opportunity to pass up. Be it as it may, welcome to our very own place on the interwebz, a place where you can call home if you feel the need to. There is just only rule here that cannot be broken ever, and that is: have fun! Also every single member (including me, iei!) is awesome, just because thats how we role.... play. =D
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  5. Aww, thanks guys! :D
    Hehe, I'm glad you have the opportunity to say that :3
  6. Senpaaaaaaiii! :3 Welcome to the community, senpai!
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  7. @over-senpai it seems you have competition!

    Welcome to Iwaku, senpai! I'm sure we'll all get along famously. If you're not too cool to notice me, you can PM me anytime you're lost or bored :)
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  8. bu-bu bu.... I WAS THE SENPAI!

    nah, it's cool, There can be more senpais.
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  9. Hehe, thanks for giving me a warm welcome! And I'll be sure to ask you guys some few questions if I'm lost or so on.

    Aww D: don't worry, I can be your kouhai
  10. I'm cool with that. You could be a kouhai at being a senpai! XD
    I haven't been around that long myself, but I have been in the roleplay scene pretty long. I'm sure nobody would have a problem with answering your questions.
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  11. We have a deal :3
    Hopefully! I hope no one gets annoyed with nooby questions? :c
  12. Yup.
    Not really. i have asked a ton... Everyone is really helpful!