I'm new here!

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Hey guys, Delanie heere. I'm new so yeah, just looking for some friends, maybe a mentor since I'm ultimately confused about this site. Mmmhmm! So yeah, let's talk!
Welcome to the nuthouse Iwaku. It's terrifying lovely here.

If you're needing any help, just check in with one of the lovely Staff types, who'll be more than happy to help you out, I'm sure. There's a few guides kicking around too, if you check the stickied posts that sit at the top of each page.

And yeah, have fun.
Thanks :) I'm just exploring and figuring everything out. This place is actually quite confusing. I hate top nav. bars XD

Thanks again!
I bid you welcome.

If you have need of anything, I can't help you. Need a friend? Shoulder to cry on? Someone just to talk to? Not me. I'm terrible at all those things.

What I am good at is being in the Cbox and doing nothing to improve this site.

Not all that glitters is gold, not all with teeth will eat you. That advice is free.
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku I am the leadr of the Wolves of Iwaku, Shadow Ike. Please do call me Ike, if you have any questions at all please contact me anytime and I may be around to answer
My advice to you, Mind the Kroot. He's not all there.

*shakes claws at GMK*

Vay here, global mod, kroot, challenge writer, staff member, and at times mentor. If you need a guide I'm here to lend a claw, or gun, or my services as an intergalactic mercenary.

I'd advice to you kick around the OOCs and challenges and see what grabs you.
Welcome. I'm one of the Insane Friendly Neighborhood Admins.

Since you are suggesting that you are confused about the layout, what do you need help with? I can provide an answer or at least something that sounds reasonable. Anyways, my friend, enjoy your stay.

*Fires Vay*