I'm new here.

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  1. Hi, Erhm AC. That be kinda interesting seeing a AC pony it'll probably be as fast as hover core's.
  2. Raven. Though it's been a long time since I played.
  3. i've been a raven and a lynx, but i prefer being a dominant

    btw i prefer middle weight humanoid cores on any AC game
  4. Eh, I went to I think heavy. Perhaps I'll play AC again, if I didn't have a backlog of games to play.
  5. on armored core silent line i built a middle humanoid type ac packing a right arm grenade rifle, a left arm machine gun, medium missiles on the right back slot, light laser cannon on the left back slot, and support missiles on the shoulder, the ac also has overboost and the op-intensify part

    my deadliest humanoid ac I've designed and trained as an AI unit
  6. I made one with missiles, machine gun or rifle, sword and I'm not sure what else.
  7. machine gun, missiles, laser blade, radar makes a good close combat unit
  8. I'm always a up close or hit and run, type of player.
  9. my tactics vary depending on the type of ac im piloting
  10. Mine don't well....sometimes they do change.
  11. with a tank i favor long range and head on combat

    any lighter ac cant go toe to toe against a tank head on and win
  12. Yup, unless they are very fast but that's not likely most times.
  13. or if you're smart about fighting against a tank and strike it from the side or from behind
  14. Or from above if possible.
  15. yeah that too or have hover type with the mx-crow part which is the radar and fcs jammer
  16. i guess we raven's are a dying breed