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  3. "I am the terror that flaps in the night!"


    Drake Mallard

    Darkwing Duck

    Darkwing Duck (TV Series)

    August 19th

    30's or 40's probably


    White fur


    Probably around four feet

    60 lbs

    Education Level:
    High school diploma



    Talented Normal





    Energy projection:

    Fighting Ability:

    Powers: N/A

    Abilities: N/A

    He has smoke bombs and a grappling hook.

    Darkwing has an enormous ego and he will more than likely allow it to get in the way of his actual superhero work, causing trouble for him and his allies.

    Drake, in his youth, was a Junior Woodchuck, as he still makes use of his "Junior Woodchuck Guidebook." At least three episodes of Darkwing Duck attempt to tell the origin of D.W.: the first "The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck" relates a pseudo-Superman tale which is basically just hyperbole. The second, "Paraducks" relates how Darkwing, himself, traveling back in time, was the inspiration for young Drakey Mallard to dream of becoming a superhero one day. Thirdly, in "Clash Reunion," a teenaged Drake saves his school from his classmate Elmo Sputterspark (the person who eventually became the villainous "Megavolt"), and makes his debut as St. Canard's Defender of the Night, Darkwing Duck.

  4. Ned, Dax, Nara and Sonic all approved. Oswald is awesome but a villain.. Darkwing is going to look like Howard the duck, IE live action. otherwise approved.
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    Pendragon was satisfied with the display of force which lasted long into the night, longer than he thought it would go on. The knights wandered the grounds, which annoyed Count Landgrave, who wanted so badly to keep an eye on the non humans in the first place. Some seemed to get along especially well, while others...others were best kept at a distance.

    The dispute between the Dhampir and Vampire was going to be an issue. Not to mention, Dian Wei's curious bouts of strength. If they couldn't find a way to restrain the man, one wrong move would be a problem on the field. Mylene seemed rather averse to wearing pants, some of the younger guards didn't mind. She also seemed happy to have her staff back in her hands. For the most part many of the Knights kept to themselves, not wanting to cause a problem lest they be forgotten on the first mission.

    When the next morning finally came, the entire castle was buzzing with activity. Soldiers from both the Round Table and Knights Templar were taking off in helicopters that came and went in the courtyard, preparing for a short trip to the nearby landing zone in Rouen. It was impossible to land directly in the abandoned city, what with the beasts that roamed and the Black Knight somewhere in waiting.

    Connor's horse had even been airlifted to the zone for the sake of the knight. A feat which had been rather a spectacle for all of an hour before the horse had finally calmed enough to be moved.

    A short briefing in the courtyard allowed all the members to become up to date on what the plan was. Their destination was the Verte Forest, approximately eight kilometers North of the city of Rouen. The helicopter ride itself would take approximately two hours assuming there were no delays. Once landed, it was a short drive into the city, provided the beasts didn't slow them down. Bears, Ogres, and all things giant plagued the outskirts of the city and forget taking the main road. Recent intel suggested a group of Chimera had found their home outside the forest, but there were no confirmed sightings.

    There were many assumptions, and a great deal of hindrances which would slow them down. So the plan was really more of a long list of suggestions than a true and clear cut plan.

    When the 24 hours were up, the knights from other times were ushered into two waiting helicopters. They were large with nothing but a row of seats on each of the inner walls, their purpose solely for transportation. In the first, the entirety of the Knights Templar piled in as Count Landgrave watched from the courtyard; Vladislav, Connor, Henrietta, Edward, and Aya were all taught how to strap in. The second, consisted of the Round Table Members, with Aaron at their lead. He held Aya's blade, and would give it to her once the fighting started. Dian Wei, Mylene, Julius, Raghnall, and Rowen all followed the Round Table's leader. A late addition nearly missed the helicopter, Lander Stormwind.

    And of course, at Count Landgrave's insistence, the non humans were each bound in thick silver chains for the long ride.

    Note: Each knight is now supplied with a translation earpiece for communication purposes. All weapons for non-humans will be accessible once on the ground in Verte Forest. Those members who have not done anything mischievous during their time at Wartburg Castle are allowed their weapons on the helicopter ride to France.

    Mission Start - Please Proceed to Rouen - France
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