I'm new, hello everyone!

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  1. Hey!

    I am a new member to Iwaku.

    I came here to of course some people's purpose to come to role play. I love writing, reading, and playing on my electronics.

    Iwaku looks like a very fun website to role play on!

    I also role play in a different forum website, called Pokecharms!

    I role play pokemon, so I am one your biggest bet for pokemon role plays to get started and to join your pokemon rps.

    I also role play Warrior Cats and animal rps, so I also a big bet for it to start, or to join them.

    I hope you have some great times with me, I like making friends!
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  2. I hope you have a great time, too! Welcome to Iwaku! If you have any questions, just ask me or another staff member. I know we have a few pokemon RP's somewhere~
  3. Welcome! You do warrior Cat rps? Well that's right up my ally! If you ever need help or want a casual one x one, I'm your guy.
  4. Oh yes I do! I love WC
  5. I can respect a person whose username is just two middle fingers at anyone who comes across me.
  6. Wowzee.. Really?
  7. Sure, why not?
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Not open for further replies.