I'm new but I'm not still hello every one

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  1. I am not new to the hole RP thing i have done it for about a year or a little less I usually like to play the big but nice guy who try to help otgers but it was manly just with friends and in school but i have wanted to spread out and do it on a larger scale. I was a member on RP nation but some family issues came up and I haven't been back on and today my friend told me about this place so I hope I stay on here for a long time. At the moment I'm on my phone my comp is dead but my phone is capable of rping but any way I can't wait to jump in on a RP and create my own
  2. Hello! I'm new to the site too! I hope to see you around :)​
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  3. Hey, Welcome & stuff. I literally just joined too, this site looks good doesn't it?

    I know typing on a phone is horrible. But if you'd like to RP now I'd be more then happy to join you. I bored out of my brains at the moment just trying to find someone online! cx
  4. At the moment I don't have a RP up but my friend is going to start one soon and I'll invite you
  5. Ah Brill, I would start one. But I'm not sure my self-esteem could take having one of my threads completely ignored xD
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  6. I understand you lolX)
  7. It's terrifying joining new RP sites!
  8. Ya it can be if you don't know any one
  9. Hi there Kirk, welcome to the site! :D
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  10. Thanks
  11. Yo! I'm new but you know me so we're in this together. Should I recreate the Red Moon Academy or the Ignition Hero one?
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  12. Ether or but not till I have a good way to type lol
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