I'm new and need help

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  1. I just made my account an hour ago and I want to change my name. How do I do that on here?
  2. On the top of the page you can see your current username. Put your cursor over it and you should get a drop down thingy with a lot of options. Click on the personal details text, it will redirect you to another page. Go down on that page and look on the left side. Under settings you have things like personal details, signature etc. Furthest down on that list you can see User name change.

    I think there is a limit to how often you can change your username. After you've changed it you can't change it before x time has passed. At least it was like that on the old server, but I have no idea how it is now when they've changed it. Either way, make sure you change it to something you really want to have, because once you've changed it you might not be able to change to something else in a while.
  3. Now I need help in doing my RP Resume. How do I do that? I am lost.
  4. Click on your username and click preferences and there you can change-update your roleplay resume :)
  5. In a more Simplified Version of what they are saying

    Go to the top of the Iwaku Screen, in the right hand corner is your user! > Hover over it an a list should show up! on the left row at the top of this list is a button 'Personal details> Click it! > You will be taken to a screen where you can edit your avattar, status message and custom title etc > If you now look to the left hand side of the screen you will see a long list of options> Scroll down and at the very bottom you will find the option 'Changer Username' > Click it! > You will now need your password handy! Enter it in the box 'your current password'> Once you've done that, enter your desired name below> Click 'Change Name' and you're all done =D