I'm moving to Canada!

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  1. And no....it has nothing to do with Trump!

    You lucky bastards! (open)

    I want to live where they're making It, and forever be haunted by Pennywise! :(

    It's not fair.....

    Anyone in Toronto want a house guest for a few months? I cook and clean!
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  2. You /want/ to live in Toronto? Home of the population so stupid they voted a misogynistic crack smoker to power and considered seriously doing it again? Home of a public transit system more borked than that of Edmonton: Where you can find stoplights on traffic circles?

    It's a nice place to visit, but most of it is overly expensive shit. You should totes aim for a community within 30 min drive or so. Much nicer... If you can find someone willing to take you in anyway. Don't you have kids? :ferret:
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  3. Considering I grew up in Baltimore, I can honestly say there is no place on the North American continent that can be as bad as there. :P I'd take that over having prostitutes and drug dealers walking past my door a hundred times a day. Not to mention running in the house whenever someone slows their car down the street.....

    Toronto sounds like a vacation. XD
  4. Hah! Fair enough. Montreal is where the music scene is at though if you'd aim East Coast. Either way, might want to brush up on your Francais. Being bilingual is a social win on the east coast.

    Aside from that though? Idk. Enjoy the rampant liberalism, gay pride everywhere, tons of great music, surprising level of culture, fantastic potatoes and wine (don't ask, fucking PEI), and iffy financial future. :ferret:
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  5. i visited toronto once

    it was cold
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  6. I can visit if anyone feels like harbouring a threat to Canadian society in their house. I can find ways across the border.
  7. This used to be my favourite book growing up.
  8. canada is 3000.4% less awesome than america and you should rethink this entirely

    On a more serious note, have fun in Canadia.
  9. I wish. :(

    Nothing cool like that ever happens around me. If I had one movie to pick to be close enough to watch it being made though, It would be the one. It was my first horror movie and first Stephen King book, so it'll always hold a special place in my heart. I would totally fly up there, but sadly my family told me there's no way in hell they'd go. Apparently they want to go across the ocean instead....
  10. Really? I've lived quite a few places in Canada, and Toronto was one of the least cold places during winter. Well, I guess it may have been different when you visited. Edmonton, now that place is freaking cold during winter x.x

    Toronto in itself, as a city? Easier to live in than some other places (Quebec!) if you're a minority like I am. Bloody expensive though x.x and so are its suburbs.
  11. Crossing the border in a tank again Toellner?
  12. You forgot to mention the roads are so clogged up that you're almost always better off walking.

    *Lives in a town just a 30m to 1h drive away*

    That being said however, I live at home still.
    And my Parents might be 'surprise three day LAN party' lenient.
    But not 'Have a family I met online move in' lenient. :P

    That being said, land in Oakville (where I live) is hell of expensive, so is Milton to my knowledge.
    Burlington is ok, Brampton and Hamilton are cheap... But they also have their fair share of crime and delinquent problems that rival Toronto.

    Then again, we could always attempt some elaborate scheme. Pretend you're homeless and willing to help around the house, kidnap my parents and launch them to Mars. You know, normal stuff. :P
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  13. Dang I didn't know there were so many Canadians on here ^_^

    I lived in Milton, where for 'cheap' me and my Mister got a one bedroom for like 850 bucks? In Saint John, you could get a 3 bedroom house for that much, I bet.
  14. Apparently living in a town where they're filming TV or movies can be such a pain in the ass. You have to follow the filming schedule for when you can move around town, if your house is ever in the shots you have to deal with film tourists coming by (the house in Breaking Bad where Walt throws a pizza on the roof apparently has to deal with tourists throwing pizza on their roof all the damn time, even years later) and you have to keep things maintained to a certain way/ keep your yard exactly as they want it, not being visible when filming so the kids can't go out back and play, and entire streets and sections of town are locked out from the population.

    I think it would be super miserable, personally. That and Toronto is outrageously expensive for even small, shitty houses in out of the way and inconvenient subdivisions.
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  15. Geez guys, way to kill my dreams. :P

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  16. There's a lot of us here. :P

    @Brovo @Dawn @Dervish @Minibit @Rain of the Night @Touch of Insanity and myself just to name those off the top of my head.
    Yea that sounds just about right. XD
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  17. My fault for hardly coming in the General Chatting area lol.

    Aye, we kinda moved after three months :P
  18. If it helps I learned about most of those through Teamspeak, not General Chatting. :P
    I don't blame you. They're nice areas, but you need a pretty large income to live in such an area comfortably.
  19. Ahh lol. Gotcha. Hm I'm usually just in RP OOCs or PMs but I am spreading my wings.

    The one good thing about places like Toronto is that it's easy to travel, what with the bus system. Milton travelling was bad. Unless you have a car, you're pretty much screwed. I'm not sure about Oakville, since even though I have family there, they all have multiple cars XD Lucky ducks.
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