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  1. Hello and welcome to my thread! I've recently had some drops and other threads that have slowed down, and since I have all these fandom cravings (and a few original cravings as well), I thought I'd post a new search. This is not a first come first serve thing, so just be warned because I don't want to over-commit.

    [ ABOUT ME ]
    • Firstly, please check out my RP Resume before reading ahead. Mine is all filled out and includes a sample, and I'd appreciate it if yours did as well.
    • I consider myself an advanced writer and would like to work with someone who considers themselves adept or higher. Please be comfortable playing all kinds of characters, not just one gender.
    • I don't have any true posting requirements, and although I give what I'm given, I need at least three paragraphs or more to really formulate a reply. One liners and even single paragraph responses leave me uninspired.
    • I'm twenty-four and I'd like to write with someone similar in age, or at least eighteen.
    • My posts are always in third person and almost always in threads. I'll make exceptions for people who are more comfortable with PMs, though.
    • I use images for character sheets, and my face claims are always real people. I don't get down with anything anime, sorry.
    • My posting schedule tends to vary, but I try my hardest not to let anything sit for more than a week. I don't like to be rushed for replies, so I give my partners the same courtesy. You'll never see an angry or whiny PM in your inbox about when you're going to post.
    • I like to talk to and be friendly with my partners! If you don't like OOC chatting, then I'm probably not the person for you, because I like to link things. Did I see a song that reminds me of our characters? It's coming your way. Did a funny post make me think of you? You're getting that too! I'll feel awkward sending you things if we don't click and then the RP will probably suffer.
    • These are pretty basic expectations, imo. I hope you've read them all.

    C R A V I N G S
    I have both vague and full plots for some of these, but I'm also happy to brainstorm!
    Bold = Character/Role I'd like to play
    * = Craving

    [ DC COMICS ]

    Jason Todd/Roy Harper ***
    Jason Todd/Tim Drake ***
    Jason Todd/Bruce Wayne **
    Bruce Wayne/Diana Prince/Clark Kent** (AU!DoJ plot included)

    Dick Grayson/Wally West

    [ STAR TREK (2009, Into Darkness) ]

    Jim Kirk/Spock
    Jim Kirk/Bones


    Madge Undersee/Gale Hawthorne

    I'm really not picky on pairings for this fandom, though! If there's something you want to do, toss it my way!

    O R I G I N A L S
    Prepare to be overwhelmed by a keyword list

    Dark & Gritty Settings ⊥ Adultery/Cheating* ⊥ Small Towns ⊥ Age Gaps ⊥ Angst** ⊥ Polyships* ⊥ Mental/Physical Isolation ⊥ Nature ⊥ Substance Abuse ⊥ Self-Destruction ⊥ Blood/Bruises ⊥ Broken Bones ⊥ Anger ⊥ Gore ⊥ Horror ⊥ Body Horror ⊥ General Creep Shit ⊥ Mind Games* ⊥ Unlikable Characters ⊥ Stone Cold Sociopaths* ⊥ Witty Banter ⊥ Realism ⊥ Comedic Relief ⊥ White Collar Crime ⊥ Miserable Rich Assholes ⊥ Cold Characters ⊥ Closeted Characters ⊥ Amnesiacs** ⊥ Reanimation*** (not zombies) ⊥ Original Superheroes ⊥ Natural Disasters ⊥ Apocalypse Settings ⊥ Utopia/Dystopia ⊥ Social Commentary ⊥ Satire ⊥ Grey Morals ⊥ Monsters** ⊥ Demons ⊥ Ghosts ⊥ Suffering For Happiness ⊥ Combining Anything On This List


    Detective/Serial Burglar** (a real world Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle)


    Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab (MM or MF, Doctor/Patient)

    Muse A is a colossal fuck up and their latest drug of choice has earned them another stint in rehab. Muse B is a therapist that doesn't have time for Muse A's games, and wants to get to the root of their problems. Unfortunately, Muse A is stubborn, and a wonderful liar, often leaving Muse B to wonder which way is up.

    Wandering Heart (MM or MF, Slice of Life, Love Triangle, Manipulation)

    Muse A and Muse B are longtime friends who have always had an extremely close and often flirtatious relationship. Despite their chemistry and connection, they never seem to get it together and actually date until one night when Muse B confesses their feelings for Muse A. After the confession, they immediately start dating and things go well for a few weeks, everything feels very natural and they move in together soon after. Spending so much time together proves to be a huge mistake and Muse A begins to stay out more, which leads Muse B to suspect they're cheating.
    Optional: Muse C fell for Muse A without ever knowing about Muse B.

    Blood Pact (MM or MF, Demon/Human, Horror)

    Muse A hasn’t had the best of luck in life thus far. Despite their efforts at [insert Muse A’s greatest desire here], it seems as if everything they want is always just outside of their reach. Muse A is in a slump and they don’t know how to get out of it. While cleaning out their house’s basement, Muse A finds an old book with weird symbols in it and text that seems to be written in Latin. Muse A dusts it off a bit and shows it to a friend to see what they think of it. When they discover that it’s a spell book, Muse A’s friend dares them to do one of the rituals. What’s the harm? It’s probably fake, they both figure. Assuming the ritual won’t work anyway, Muse A accepts the dare, gathers the required ingredients and performs it. When nothing happens, Muse A and their friend have a good laugh and the friend leaves. When Muse A begins to clear the ritual space, they’re greeted by Muse B, the demon that they’ve summoned. Muse B explains that they have the ability to possess the body of other human beings in order to manipulate their thoughts and actions so that they submit to Muse A’s will. Upon signing a contract in blood, Muse B will be bound in service to Muse A until Muse A can no longer honor the terms of the contract. It is unclear what will happen if the contract is ever broken. Desperate to change their circumstances, Muse A is hasty to sign the contract and start making some demands. For every possession that Muse B is asked to complete, a sacrifice is required. Fresh blood. At first Muse B only requires a few drops of blood from Muse A. But gradually the demon requires more. The longer Muse B is around to perform tasks for Muse A, the stronger the demon’s blood lust grows and the greater the sacrifices must become to satiate Muse B. When the demon requests a human sacrifice, Muse A refuses. As close as they are to having their perfect life, that’s a line that they’re unwilling to cross. This refusal breaks their contract and Muse B is free to roam and wreak havoc on the unsuspecting.

    So, You're A Clone (Platonic, Possible Horror, Dystopian Themes)

    Muse A was born and raised in a top secret research facility; their sole purpose for being is to provide donor tissue and organs to Muse B if Muse B should need. After a mix up, Muse A is mistaken for Muse B and is able to walk right off the premises without raising alarms. With nowhere else to go and limited socialization skills, they search for Muse B who they presume is their sibling.
    Optional: Muse A is an evil clone; the top secret facility realizes their mistake and wants Muse A back; Muse A tries to take Muse B's place in life.

    Suggest a plot to me! I'm always willing to listen to things!

    Anyway, that's pretty much it! Thanks for taking the time to read through everything and I hope you found something you liked! If you're interested in anything, please PM me and we'll get to discussing c:
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  2. Still looking! I'd really like to get some of those fandom cravings out of my system, and I'm willing to double alongside other canon pairings.
  3. Hello! Look, I can't express in words how much I crave the Blood Pact one. PM me so we can discuss it better?
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